Saturday, March 24, 2018

Still moving in March

Running has continued throughout March. However, the #HFH have made it clear that it is they that dictate the training pattern. Despite the best intentions to try and follow a plan, it seems a more ad lib approach is preferred. As much as the 9 day cycle appeals, it seems it is too easy to over do it and get some increased irritation in the hammies. Ah well, what will be, will be.

Last weekend, after a few days off due to a lurgi, I ran the Batemans Bay parkrun. The rest had obviously done me some good and I finished in 24:25. The conditions for the run were good, no wind and relatively cool conditions. The hammies pulled up okay afterwards, also a bonus. Pace is still slowly heading in the right direction. Maybe a sub 24 in April/May?

Speedygeese sessions at Stromlo have been fun and beneficial, but sadly due to the end of Daylight Saving, the final Thursday Stromlo session is next week.  I will really miss those sessions!

Others are running well, with some great performances in the Masters 5000m championships, great AST% results in there!

Others are out there on the trails putting in some pretty big distances. That is the joy of running, there are so many options.


  1. That BB parkrun was a great improvement. Hopefully you can coax the hammies along to a 23:XX soon. Wish there were more 5000s with fields like that. Usually only one or two do the 5 in a combined 3/5k.

    1. Thanks ET. Yes good 5000 fields are few and far between these days. Maybe I can do one next season, if the hammies will allow it.

    2. I'll nag Rog to include a few 5000m only races. No 3k pull out option. Maybe earlier at 7.30 or so.