Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Not dead yet

It's been quite some time since I last blogged. Much has happened in that time, but none of it involved running (or cycling). However, it is now time to attempt another 'come back' to see what direction the hammies would like to take. I'm on a comprehensive exercise programme focusing on hammies, glutes and back. Craig Purdam, my current physio, has put a lot of thought into this programme and we remain hopeful. Returning to exercise is currently very limited. There is a walk/jog/walk session for 20 mins (after warm up) once per week and cycling 30-40 mins twice a week. All well spaced apart to ensure adequate rest and adaptation. The first couple of walk/jog/walk sessions went well with no discomfort during the jogging phase. However, the hammies still niggle at the walk and at times when sitting. Only one cycling session so far and the right hammies did not like the bike seat on the mountain bike. It may be seat/bike specific, so the various bikes will each get a session to determine if one is better than the others.
Photo taken at Lac du Bourget
This will all be revisted in 4 weeks time. If progress is good, then hopefully some more frequent walk/jog/walk sessions will be added into the mix. The 2nd walk/jog/walk session felt amazing. It was so nice getting the heart rate up again (and it didn't take much to do that!). I'm now counting down the days to the next W/J/W session 😃.


  1. Thanks goodness for that! Nice to see you popping up on the Strava feed. I'm a proponent of J/W/J as you know. It's a fun way to train. Just resist the temptation to sprint like buggery at the end of the BBQ Stakes.

  2. Good to hear of this calculated comeback. Might take a while, let's hope it will be successful. Take care, fingers crossed.