Monday, September 26, 2016

Looking for alternatives

It seems the #HFH will only be happy if allowed to take a proper holiday. Cycling was discontinued on 18 August. The elliptical trainer and gentle walk/jog programme also had to be aborted and the last official leg activity was 8 September. Arghhh - what's a person to do?
This is Donald
It was then that I met 'Donald' in a local Sportsman Warehouse store and I had the answer. What better way to deal with all this pent up energy than a session with 'Donald'? Donald is otherwise known as a reflex bag and allows for a pretty good boxing workout. Obviously with a bit of improvisation to minimise leg use so the #HFH aren't involved. I have been gradually building up the boxing sessions and they do a pretty good job of getting the heart rate elevated. It's just alternate days at this stage to allow the hands and arm muscles time to recover. A bit of variety will probably include a weekly swim session with a pull bouy. I survived my first swim session today, but it's not something I enjoy and I can still smell the chlorine hours later! It's hard to say how long it will be before leg-based exercise can recommence. Maybe sometime in November. Ultimately I need a period of being completely asymptomatic. It's pretty arbitrary, but I'm going to shoot for 4 weeks of no hamstring discomfort including being able to sit down with no niggles! As there are still obvious niggles at the moment, the earliest would probably be November. In the meantime the isometric exercises continue and will eventually progress to more strengthening exercises once the #HFH settle down a bit. It's going to be a while before any running will be blogged. Over and out.


  1. If " Donald " fights back & lands a good one on your chin, you need to duck & weave a little quicker. Hopefully this will ease the no running, hardly any moving a bit. In the meantime, hit hard and often.

    1. Thanks TF :). I may need to get a second reflex bag and name it Pauline ;). Onwards and upwards.

  2. I want a face on "Donald"! 4 weeks without pain sounds good... think I only went about 2 with my dodgy calf after resting it for 4.