Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Progress is slow

The hamstrings from hell (aka #HFH) are taking their sweet time settling down. It's been a tad over 6 weeks since my last run and symptoms are still hanging on. The good news is the symptoms are reduced, but sitting continues to be a pain in the butt. Thank goodness I have a sit/stand work station at work! Unfortunately, cycling is not agreeing with the #HFH and I've had to abort that form of exercise. My physio wants me to stay active, so it's onto Plan B on the exercise front. Today I tried a short little session on an elliptical trainer. It was a short light session and it looks optimistic that this may be an alternative to cycling. Unfortunately, like wind trainers, time stands still on the elliptical! It is boring as!!

The other option is a bit of the walk/jog combo (mostly walking!). I haven't tried that yet, maybe in a few days time. Otherwise it's a life of gym sessions and daily hamstring work. Yawn! Oh well only another 11 to 17 months to go ;-).