Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 - what now?

2015 is done and dusted. The IRONic jogger continued to jog for most of the year bar some minor injuries and illness. Total distance run was 1940km, which included approximately 29600 metres of climbing. Best 5km time was 22:31 and it wasn't long after that best time (run in April) that things went backwards and never really improved. A similar theme to previous years, but probably slightly better overall in 2015. The start of 2016 has included my longest run since 2010, a slow lap of 25km around the Cotter. Some dodgy navigation made for a slightly longer run than planned.
Wading through Vanitys crossing on the Cotter loop
Current goal is to work on 5km times with some interval training, providing the neural/muscle problems are manageable.  Long runs (of over 15 km) will be less frequent for now, having achieved the 25km. Once the weather cools down new goals will be set depending on how well interval training has been tolerated. Intervals (1km reps or 400m reps) have been in the programme for the last 5 weeks and so far so good.