Sunday, October 18, 2015

A yellow patch

I'm having the opposite of a purple patch, so based on the colour wheel, that would be a yellow patch. Since the end of August I have had a sprained right ankle and wrist, a torn left soleus muscle, a strained right gastrocnemius muscle, a nasty case of tonsillitis and the icing on the cake - a thrombosed right great saphenous vein extending from the foot to the upper thigh. Fortunately the latter is NOT a DVT, it is a superficial vein. But there is a risk of it becoming a DVT should it so choose to. Understandably this series of events has been reeking havoc on one's running. It was a fluke to get to the start line for the final QOM at the handicap at the end of September. It was only a few days later that I was hit with the tonsillitis, which was closely followed by the thrombosed vein. This means I missed  competing in 'Run with the Wind' and 'Two Peaks', both of which were on my wish list. The loss of fitness and ongoing necessary conservative training means there are others on my wish list that I may yet again miss out on as I have in previous years. Seriously isn't it time for a purple patch?! The focus this year has been to try and be consistent and manage the 'muscle issues' that have been a problem over the last few years. It's been slightly better this year, but a long way from what one had hoped for. And then all this garbage happened!
Thrombosed dorsal arch of the saphenous vein
Gungahlin parkrun  had its 2nd birthday on Saturday. Although racing was out of the question, a trot around the course was within one's current capacity. It was a pleasure to catch up with Ruth, Margaret and Gary as well as the hoards of other runners out there just 'doing it'. The birthday cake was a yummy moist chocolate cake with icing depicting a lovely park scene, capturing images of the ever present magpies. We all ran well within ourselves on a very warm morning. It's hard to know when I will be able to up the intensity again. In the meantime, it's good to be able to enjoy the amazing Spring weather on display in Canberra.
Great cake!
Beautiful smiling Ruth.