Saturday, August 8, 2015

Parkrunners in the mist

After a long hiatus away from parkrun, today seemed as good a time as any to head back. There is no real resolution of the muscle problems, but as they will remain a part of life, it's all about 'management'. Craig Wisdom from Kingston Physiotherapy thinks the tight muscle issues are probably neural in origin thanks to a very stiff lower back. Oh the joys of aging! He has advised that for the time being it is better to stay away from interval training and to not push too hard during parkruns. The plan also includes trying to introduce more flat terrain runs with the aim to build distance. There are also plenty of back exercises and 'nerve flossing'.
Nadine speeding through the fog
There was a thick fog around Yerrabi Pond for the start of parkrun. Many thanks to the hardy volunteers out on the course! Nadine and Margaret (who finished in 31:35) were 2 familiar faces in the crowd at the start. As expected I lost sight of Nadine very quickly, she finished in a sharp 22:10, a good 2 minutes ahead of moi. It's been a while since the legs have been asked to go any quicker than 5min/km pace, so it proved challenging convincing them just to do that. In the end it was a nice negative split run. Kms were 4:54; 4:58; 4:42; 4:46: 4:40 = 24:06. Not bad going off a tough half marathon last weekend. It didn't feel easy, but at least it's a step in the right direction.


  1. I'll wait until there's no danger of fog before I become a Gunners Parkrun tourist.
    I thought that was a good run, especially so soon after the half. Nice pace judgement. I wonder if yoga might be beneficial? Thinking about it for myself so I can become more aerodynamic for these bloody headwinds.

    1. Thanks ET. Gunners is frequented by fog, so you may want to wait for spring. Ha ha, there was no pace judgement, just my attempt at upping the tempo as the run progressed. I was surprised at how hard it felt! Yoga doesn't focus a lot on back flexibility. Fortunately I have plenty of exercises to work with so I can skip the yoga. I don't expect a cure, but I am hopeful of a degree of 'management' if that makes sense :-).