Saturday, November 8, 2014

A running teeter totter

There's been a fair bit of fatigue to contend with since returning from the US. On the plus side, the muscles are not tight and uncomfortable, the fatigue is more of a general malaise, similar to what it was like when it all began way back when (it's been nearly 4 years!). I think the reintroduction of deep (light) weighted squats has rebuilt lost muscle strength, limiting muscle fatigue in those major running muscle groups. Even the iron levels are pretty good, ferritin was up to 90 when last measured in September. There just remains this unexplained blah that prevents me from being able to build up any running distance, limits me to 3 runs/week and on some days makes me question why I even bother when it feels so hard to run a slowwww 5km. No doubt age is a factor, but it doesn't explain the inability to gradually build up a long run. My doctor and I are currently experimenting with HRT. There have not been any indications that it is assisting the exercise fatigue, but at least the night sweats are gone and sleep quality has improved!
Since returning from the US, I have run a couple of parkruns. The run on 1 November was a shocker and wasn't helped by the wind. But the body felt very fatigued and it performed accordingly! Today there were excellent running conditions and fatigue wasn't an issue. But the start was a tad quick and for some reason I had breathing difficulties (hay fever?). Splits were 4:28 (HRav 147); 4:37 (HRav 161); 4:39 (HRav162); 4:52 (HRav 162); 4:37 (HRav 163) - total time 23:16. HR shows it was an honest run despite the breathing issues.
Gungahlin parkrun 1 November, the end is in sight!
It was also nice to attend my first YCRC 5km event last Tues, the first time in ages, so nice to see many familiar faces. That was a training run of 4 x 1km intervals with jog recoveries. There was a great 2nd km (4:20 pace) but that was not sustainable and I reeled it in to a more realistic pace for the remaining 2 intervals. Interestingly even after a day off, the next run was an extreme struggle and training was abandoned for that day. So yep, it's like sitting on a teeter totter (a bit of US language carry over ;-) ). Who knows where it is all heading. But I still pine for those wonderful trail runs of old .........


  1. It's a see bloody saw!

    Parkrun was a good one. I think even being marginally too fast (from my experience) in the first k will hurt the overall time. A 4:36-40 first k would have had you under 23 I'm sure.

  2. Thanks ET. Yes going out too fast does hurt the overall time. That said, the breathing issues were very challenging. It's a bad year hay fever-wise, so anti-histamines are probably in order until the pollen/grass seeds settle down.

  3. You know, it was only when I read Ewen's comment that I realised I was misreading teeter totter as teetotaller, and so no bloody wonder I was wondering what the see saw image had to do with running. I almost made sense of "teetotal running" when you were talking about the malaise, but then I noticed you were running!

    I'm obviously a bit tired. :)

    I also went through a spurt of hayfever-related asthma, but didn't find any medication that really worked (I tried Symbicort, but I'm convinced it did nothing; and anti-histamines just dry out my already dry mucous membranes - hello blood noses!).

    Hopefully next year's season isn't so bad - I had hoped that being fitter would have helped my running during that period, but it turns out that it also affects the running of fit people like you!

    1. Thanks Cecilia. Never known myself to be a teetotaller ;-) Love that red wine far too much. I find Clarityne helps control my hay fever symptoms, I just have to remember to take it. We are having a particularly harsh hay fever season in Canberra this year. I've been here a tad over 5 years and this is the first time I've had this kind of hay fever. So nice of you to call me fit, because I really don't feel fit. I still struggle with longer runs say over 8 km, and my attempts at building distance just don't work. I hope you do have a great season in 2015. Keep at it and you will surprise yourself :-)