Sunday, August 3, 2014

'Secret' overseas training

Saturday saw a Gungahlin parkrun PB. Not sure where that came from! It must have been all the secret overseas training in hot and sunny Europe. Actually, there weren't that many running opportunities. And for the few taken, it was really just to make sure that the legs had a few gentle sessions to keep them ticking over. In particular, a favourite was a morning run along the Mosel river when staying in the small village 'Piersport'.
Run route along the Mosel and amongst vinyards near Piersport
Maybe it was all the carbo loading from all the Riesling consumed ;-).

There were no big expectations for the first Parkrun back from holidays. Simply run by feel and see how things panned out. Conditions were good, cold, but clear and no wind. The focus was on 'running tall' and trying to drive from the hips. At the 2 km point, it all seemed to click and the run went well, finishing in 23:13. The glutes seemed to work better than they have been. Maybe all the squats and painful trigger point work on the hip flexors are starting to help. Time will tell.