Saturday, June 21, 2014

Foggy fifties

Somewhere between my last post and this post I changed age groups. This getting older thing just sneaks up on you. Now I find myself a W50. Where's that walking cane/mobility scooter?! ;-). Others would consider this an opportunity to set new PBs. There is also the age grade percentage that receives a boost with advancing years.

The holiday in Qld was lovely and relatively warm. This made for a rude shock when returning to Canberra, with the famous Canberra fog in full flight. That fog sure makes for cold mornings! Most mornings it's already there when you wake, but this morning the fog rolled in quite late. It was sunny at home as I headed out to Gungahlin parkrun (only 2km from home), only to be greeted by a foggy Yerrabi pond and parkrun course. This meant there was no wind, but conditions were brisk. I spotted just one familiar face, the lovely Margaret McSpadden. Despite the cold and foggy conditions, 116 hardy souls made their way to the start line, including the very speedy Philo Saunders (the eventual winner). I didn't get a lot of training in while I was away in Qld, so I wasn't expecting a speedy time. A positive sign was the warm-up gave no significant indication of cranky muscles and I really do like to run in the cold (as long as it isn't windy!).
Emerging from the fog
The start was a bit crowded and this ensured a gentle starting pace. It all felt good, so the body found some rhythm and gradually picked its way through the other runners. The pace was comfortable and felt easier than the other 2 recent efforts. Interestingly, when I hit the 4km point I could see I was on sub 24 pace, so I tried to up the pace, sadly the legs have forgotten how to run fast. Run time was 23:46, rate 3/3, a pleasing result all things considered. More travel lies ahead in July (3 weeks in Hong Kong/Germany and a day in France), so training will be limited.
Margaret enjoying her run - finishing just 5 seconds outside her PB!


  1. Congratulations on both accounts! I'm loving the 50-59 age-group. It's fun! Now we can have some races in fun runs. Much better than the 60-69 age-group - that one's pure evil - imagine being 68 and trying to beat young 60-year-olds ;-)

    1. Thanks ET. So you don't think it's evil being a 58 trying to beat the young 50-year olds? Seems like being at the top end of most age groups makes for hard work! Glad you are enjoying your races. I hope I can find some similar enjoyment sometime soon, it's been far too long in no man's land.

    2. Yes, top end of age-groups is tough, more so in older ones. At 57 I still think I have a rough chance of competing with my 50+ PBs. 70% is 20:45 at 50, 22:12 at 58 so theoretically an 1:27 slow down which is within the bounds of a fitness improvement. 70% at 60 is 22:36, at 68, 24:35 so a 1:59 slow down.

  2. Congratulations on your first win in the new age-group! Didn't take long!