Saturday, May 31, 2014

Some bad and some good

With no mobility scooters to spur me on this week, it's been a bit of a tough week. The tempo intervals on Monday were a bit slower than usual and the run was 1/3. Wednesday was going to be a 'long' run, but it quickly became another 1/3 and I cut it short. So with 3 1/3 runs in a row it made sense to skip the Fri run and then see how the next parkrun was going to go. The conditions at parkrun were perfect, cool without much breeze. The warm up didn't feel very inspiring, so I wasn't expecting much. Fortunately after about 800m the body started to settle and I was able to get some rhythm and run at a tempo pace. This run felt so much better than the last 3. I finished in 24:11, a big improvement on last week, but plenty of work still to do to find some form. Lou was also there and ran a great parkrun PB of 19:18. I also spotted Nadine out on the course, who finished ahead of me in 23:40, she looked like she was taking it easy.
I want what Lou has! My last parkrun as aW45.
I'm off to Qld now for some holidays in warmer weather. I likely won't be near any parkrun events, so I'll have to wait until I get back to Canberra before I run one again. Hopefully there will be few runs along the beach and along some trails.

Week in summary:
Monday 4 x 5ish minute tempo intervals; rate 1/3
Tuesday bike commute 16km one way.
Wednesday 45mins easy run; rate 1/3
Thursday bike commute 32 km
Friday OFF
Saturday parkrun 5km 24:11 HRav 151bpm; rate 3/3
Sunday travel day, will be OFF.


  1. Nice 5k J! You have what Lou has: exactly the same form - could be twin sisters. I also have what she has every week - someone pushing a stroller right on my tail ;-) Enjoy sunny, warm Qld.

    1. Thanks ET. Yes Lou and I have seen the same biomechanics coach and it shows in those photos. Now if I could only run faster! Yes there are plenty of strollers to challenge us! Hoping to enjoy some warm sunshine :-)