Sunday, May 11, 2014

Random intervals

Back when I tried the 'experiment' the muscle discomfort was less obvious when doing intervals. Probably as the mind was distracted by the task. On Monday I managed some tempo intervals (around 4:50 pace with HR in the 150-155 range). Then on Wednesday I managed some hill reps up National museum hill. The distraction worked and those runs were a pleasure.  So for now, there will be random intervals scattered amongst short jogs and cycles. Just keep going with the flow.

Weekly summary (5/5 - 11/5):
Mon - 40 min run with 3 x 4ish min tempo intervals; rate 3/3
Tues - bicycle commute 32 km
Wed - 30 min run with 4 x 200mish hill reps; rate 3/3
Thurs - bicycle commute 32 km
Fri - 30 min run; rate 2/3
Sat - 48 min run; rate 2/3
Sun - bicycle 78km


  1. Good idea. Which museum path do you use? Presume it's not the old 'hospital hill'.

  2. Why would you presume that? I believe it could well be the old 'hospital hill'. The bike path the runs alongside the Parkway heading from ANU side towards the Acton Ferry side. :-)

    1. Thought you might use the smoother gentler slopes closer to the museum. You're using 'hospital hill' - 300s there was a favourite of Brian Wenn & Jim Tucker back in the old days. Jim broke 20 with that as one of his 2 hard sessions in the week (and not much mileage).