Sunday, May 25, 2014

Paced by a mobility scooter

It's been a pretty consistent couple of weeks on the running front. Mostly the rating for each run has been pretty good. No real horrid 'I wish I could stop and walk' type runs. The muscle discomfort is ever there, but it's tolerable so I keep on running. Treatment for that at present involves glute exercises and painful psoas trigger point work. The glutes have become very lazy, maybe due to a desk job, so deep squats (body weight), bridges, clams, and lunges are all on the menu. Some strength is returning, but so far it's not translating over to the running. Time will tell on that one!

As per the previous post, I've been throwing in intervals here and there to mix things up. Last Wednesday I decided to try another session of hill reps up 'old hospital hill'. As I was jogging back to the start after the first interval a mobility scooter went past heading up the hill. When I turned to start interval 2, that scooter was not too far ahead. This was not a good thing as the competitor likes to take over when there is a target just ahead (seriously, a mobility scooter is about all I could handle at present ;-) ) . Sure enough that scooter wasn't moving away from me (despite my pretty slow pace) so I sped up just a little and found myself gaining on the scooter. Woo hoo! Next thing I know, I'm passing that scooter and then feeling obligated to keep moving ahead to stay out of its way. When I got to the top of the hill, I really felt that effort, but the scooter had turned off (a shallow victory). Understandably the remaining 3 reps were hard work!

Maybe this would be a better 'pacer' next time :-)

Passing a mobility scooter going up hill went to my head, surely it was time to try a parkrun?! Maybe a new PB was there for the taking ........ Hence, I lined up at the start of Gungahlin Parkrun on Saturday only to come face to face with reality, that mobility scooter wasn't going very fast and neither was I. Sadly it was one of those 'I'd like to stop and walk' runs. I didn't, but yep for the effort put in, it was a pretty slow time. I guess I'll have to find a faster pacer next time ;-).

Summary of recent runs et al
12/5 - 25/5
Mon: 4 x 4:30min tempo intervals with walk/jog recovery; rate 2/3
Tues: Bike commute
Wed: 31 min jog, HRav 137bpm; rate 2/3
Thurs: Off
Fri: 51 min jog, HRav 135bpm; rate 2/3
Sat: Off
Sun: Off

Mon: 4 x 5min tempo intervals with walk/jog recovery; rate 3/3
Tues: bike commute 32 km
Wed: hill reps x 5; rate 2/3
Thurs: Off
Fri: 42 min run, HRav 145 bpm; rate 2/3
Sat: Parkrun 5 k 24:54, HRav 151 bpm; rate 1/3
Sun: 64km bike


  1. Sounds like you're going well. The strength exercises should make a difference. That's funny about racing the mobility scooter! One with a cruise control (set on 13.3 kph) would make a great pacer for the Parkrun. Maybe if you'd switched Thurs and Fri you'd have had a 2/3 Parkrun?

    1. Thanks ET. Yes Fri was a bit harder than it should have been (ran with Lou at lunch time), but couldn't run on Thurs due to work stuff. Bring on those mobility scooters ;-)

  2. Going much better than me at the present. Finished 2nd last at vet's monthly handicap today. I did stop & walked plenty of times.

    1. Thanks TF. I'm glad to know you are back running as you've been out for a while. I'm sure with a sensible approach you'll be back to your old running self in the not too distant future.