Sunday, May 4, 2014

More of the same

No change to report. The same symptoms are just hanging on, making running a challenge. There really isn't anything to do but just go with the flow, keep active and try not to get too frustrated. That means regular short jogs and some days commuting to work on the bike and the odd longish bike ride and/or run on the weekend. I thought it would be interesting to go back to rating my runs based on how they feel just to see if there is any sort of pattern. Matt Fitzgerald (in RUN - The mind-body method of running by feel) has a rating system that seems simple and appropriate. 1 = on balance, the run was not enjoyable; 2 = the run was equally pleasant and unpleasant; and 3 = on balance, the run was enjoyable.

Sadly I've been on a trend of 1s of late, it's been a while since those 3s (which were last noted before the 17k run in March).

Weekly Summary for 28/4 to 4/5
Mon - 30min jog HRav 129bpm; rate 1/3
Tues - bike commute 32km;
Wed - 30min jog HRav 127 bpm; rate 1/3
Thurs - bike commute 32km
Fri - off
Sat - off
Sun - 45min jog HRav 124 bpm; rate 1/3


  1. My dodgy hip over the past couple of months is not long term like your worries. But it is certainly frustrating that I can't just get out and do what I want, run. The mountain bike is a nice change, but not the same. Time will tell, take care. Hope for good news soon.

    1. Thanks TF. Yes the cycling is a nice change, but it doesn't have that same buzz as running. I hope you are able to sort out your dodgy hip soon! I'll keep plugging away. Maybe the extremely long perseverance will pay off one day :-).

  2. Just keep at it and things could suddenly turn around. I've noticed that with my own running, 5 months after the hamstring/calf injuries of late last year.

    1. Thanks ET. Fortunately I had a couple of good runs this week. Yep, there's always the possibility it could suddenly turn around.

    2. That's great J! Hope we see some more 2s and 3s in the coming weeks and months.