Friday, January 3, 2014

The numbers for 2013

Running stats:
Total running kms were: 989 km
Longest run in 2013: 14 km
Biggest weekly mileage: 51 km
Fasted 5km: 22:38 at Ginninderra parkrun
Total number of weeks taken off running in 2013: 18 weeks (8 + 7 + 3) (does not include rest days when actually running)

Cycling stats:
Total cycling kms were: 5350 km
Longest bike ride in 2013: 135 km
Biggest weekly mileage: 433 km
Total number of weeks not cycling in 2013: 26 weeks (similarly, does not include rest days)

It's pretty clear that there wasn't a lot of running happening in 2013. Here's hoping that 2014 is more positive on the running front.


  1. You rode more kms than I ran, so that's good. Hopefully all will be much better in 2014. Take care & at least enjoy yourself.

    1. Thanks TF :-). I derive most joy from running, so here's hoping!

  2. Nice shiny "New PB!" to kick off the year yesterday. Well done!

    1. Thanks ET. I'll be coming up short on the PB front soon, unless I attend as many parkrun locations as I can and run twice (slow first run to ensure a New PB! on 2nd run) at each location ;-). I suspect my mega iron dosing is helping current form and PBs, coz I'm only walk/jogging 2 days a week and running at parkrun 1 day per week. It's a pretty minimal training stimulus at this stage.