Sunday, December 8, 2013

Some running to blog about

It isn't a lot of running, but some running nonetheless. This is the end of the 3rd week of the 'back to running programme'. One more week and it gets more interesting with longer run intervals in the run/walk programme. That said the last two Saturdays have ended up being long run intervals, 5 km x 1. Each time I've been surprised I didn't feel the need to stop and walk (although the back to running plan does not include said 5 km intervals!). No doubt all the bike riding has provided a good aerobic base. And we are talking some pretty large kms on the bike(s). For example, 96 km yesterday and another 74 km today, plus 4 days of commuting to work by bike this last week. However, it would be wise to continue doing mostly walk/run intervals to allow the muscles time to adapt and hopefully not do the fatigue thing again.

Parkrun on Saturday confirms that any kind of event stirs up that competitive edge, even without any training in the bank. The plan was to try and run a consistent 5:06 min/km pace to get around 25:30 (if I didn't feel the need to walk). It was going pretty close to plan when Trevor passed me at the 2.5km mark stating 5 min/km pace would be good to aim for (he was saving himself for the Black Mountain run up on Sunday). I thought I had better try and stick with him if that was the case. And so it was he stayed just in front of me for the last 2.5 km, but obviously was not sticking to the plan. My splits were 5:09, 5:01, 4:50, 4:55, 4:29 to finish in 24:26, four seconds behind Trevor. I had to work hard to keep him in sight! 72 seconds quicker than last week. I don't think that kind of weekly improvement is sustainable! I will only do parkruns if they fall on an allocated running day. In theory that means I won't be doing one next week. Running is generally every other day at this stage.

Trevor leads the way to the finish line

Margaret and I listening to the very chatty magpies before the start
Gungahlin parkrun results (7 December 2013):

32       Trevor JACOBS                      24:22              66.42 %        
35       Janene KINGSTON                24:26              67.80 %        
58       Skye FRUEAN                         28:02              53.03 %        
61       Margaret MCSPADDEN        28:42              72.82 %        


  1. Congratulations on your New PB! Old man Trevor doesn't like getting beaten -- he's a tough racer! Sorry for your failure to run 5:06 ks. Better luck next time.

    1. Thanks ET. That's the good thing about parkruns, PBs for each new course ;-). Yep TJ will be racing to the very end.