Monday, December 2, 2013

And the diagnosis is ............

There is no diagnosis, the lab results and MRI were all normal. This is not unexpected. On the positive, that means there isn't anything obviously nasty lurking. On the negative, there is still no explanation for 3 years of training intolerance :-/.  The plan from here is to continue the gradual return to running and to also continue with the hip stabliser/strengthening exercises. Hip strength and stability are already improved. It will be worthwhile including dynamic exercises that are more specific for running. Last Saturday seemed like a good a time as any to try the new parkrun course in Gungahlin. As it was only my 6th run since starting up 'running' again, it was going to be a doddle. That said, it's hard to completely switch off when there are people tantalisingly close enough to pass! After an easy start chatting with Kikka'ss, I picked up the pace. With the computer set to cycling settings, I wasn't sure of true pace throughout the run. Analysis after the fact showed the following km splits: 5:28; 5:18; 5:04; 5:06; 4:28 (oops!) for a total of 25:38 - HRav 149 bpm. So much for doing a doddle for the 'whole' run. As it turns out, this was the same time as when I ran at my first Ginninderra parkrun, but with a lot less running in the legs! Maybe that is a positive sign?

Kikka'ss and Skye - all smiles at Ginninderra parkrun 23 Nov 2013
 Gungahlin parkrun results:

3         Elizabeth HUMPHRIES         19:22  SW25-29        76.42 %        
14       Gary BOWEN                         21:31  VM55-59        72.04 %
40       Janene KINGSTON                25:38  VW45-49       64.63 %
55       Kikka HAPPONEN                 28:45  VW40-44       53.51 %
56       Skye FRUEAN                         28:50  SW30-34        51.56 %


  1. That's good! A positive (and scary for me) sign. I busted a gut to run 25:32 at Tuggers 2 weeks ago. Going to avoid racing you for a while.

    1. Thanks ET. Don't worry I didn't find that run at all easy. At least the last km split explains why I was knackered at the end. No plans on racing in the near future.