Sunday, December 22, 2013

A couple more parkruns

There was a special farewell parkrun (with a Xmas theme) at Ginninderra last weekend to wish Gindy parkrun founders, Russ and Jess, all the very best before they headed to steamy Brisvegas for new opportunities. This was to be a 'secret parkrun' as I left my barcode in the car, after opting to use pedal power to get to the start. No barcode means no official result/time. However, with appropriate Xmas antlers and trusty watch, my run time was 24:42, with Burkie sneaking past me in the last 50 metres to finish in 24:39. Gindy is a tougher course and it sure felt like it!
Burkie sprinting in just ahead of me at Gindy parkrun
The Xmas theme was also in play for this week's Gungahlin parkrun. This time I remembered the barcode, but forgot the antlers. Mr B was back after returning from an overseas sojourn that included plenty of fine food and relaxation. This meant there was the potential to 'chick' him as his running was somewhat neglected during said OS sojourn! However, conditions were warm and it didn't feel like it was going to yield a quickish time. As always, Mr B was quick off the blocks and grabbed a decent sized lead. As any parkruns are my 'long run' at present, the first km is always the warm up (no pre-run warm up) and the body likes to grumble. At about 2km into the run it was apparent that Mr B was slowing and the grumbling had stopped as I started to find some rhythm. I caught him at the half way point and slipped past. From there on I was convinced all the foot steps coming up from behind were Mr B, argghh I was running scared ;-). As it turned out, those few extra kilograms were enough to slow him down and I crossed the line 20 or so seconds ahead, phew. In the process I knocked another 42 seconds off my Gungahlin time to finish in 23:42 - not bad off 5 weeks of not very much running! Seriously though, it's hard to imagine much more improvement given the current running volume. Last week running included 3 x (10 min easy with 2 min walk recovery) on Monday, 4 x (8 min easy with 1 min walk recovery) on Wednesday and then parkrun on Saturday. That's pretty well the overall training plan for the next few weeks. However, as part of a GCC Sprint event, there was also 930km of cycling in just 16 days (finished last Wed). No doubt taking Thurs and Fri off to recover from the GCC (and avoid the super hot conditions) helped with the run on Saturday. Cycling will continue, but not at that volume!

Friends results at Gungahlin parkrun (21 December 2014):

12       Louise SHARP             21:00                          70.56 %
14       Trevor JACOBS            21:21                          75.80 %
24       Vanessa HAVERD       23:38                          63.47 %
25       Janene KINGSTON     23:42                          69.90 %
27       David BAUSSMANN   24:05                          68.37 %
46       Amanda COOK            25:50                          58.06 %


  1. Nice chicking of Mr B! Not far behind Vanessa either. Your current volume of exercise seems to be working well (no muscle problems I presume?). I believe you can improve by continuing to do similar aerobic volume (incl x-training).
    Ah, December 2013. By 2014 you'll be running 21:XXs at least.

    1. Thanks ET. Vanessa was running with Eric (woof woof) and they made a few stops along the way, otherwise she would have been well ahead.
      21:XX??!! I haven't run close to that time since 2010.
      I'm not convinced the muscles are 'normal' so only time will tell how long before something gives. Distance running still looks like a distant dream .....

    2. Ah, that was Eric's excuse to slow the pace. 21:XX could be 21:59 and you're only 1:30 off that. Keep doing what you're doing and hopefully the wheels will stay on.