Saturday, July 27, 2013

An extended break

After a tad over 3 weeks, the vital running muscles are still not right. I can still feel some discomfort when I walk briskly. I suspect I'll be taking more than 6 weeks off running. As horrid as that may sound, it actually isn't that bad. The walking has been very pleasant (muscle discomfort aside), and bike riding allows me to work out at a low heart rate.  So technically it's not really 'working out'. Indeed, today I managed to ride 103km and it was surprisingly easy. Of course, it took a long time! That's to be expected.  I am very grateful to have the compact crank set as the easy gearing it provides makes all the difference! One can really 'doddle' along. I have also gained a real appreciation of the bike paths here in Canberra! When you are trying to ride at a training pace, bike paths are a hindrance, but when it's all about a doddle, bike paths rock! I passed some familiar runner's faces today and none of them recognised me clad in lycra, helmet and glasses. I wonder if I have been passed by runners out cycling when I've been out running on bike paths?

Tour de Lakes - The lakes of Canberra (103km on the bike)

It's hard to know when (if) I'll be able to run again. I suspect my current sojourns on the bike and out walking aren't helping me make a full physical recovery. However, they are working wonders for my mental status AND of course, are getting lots of steps for the GCC :-). The GCC doesn't finish until late September. My team is battling with another DAFF team at present, so we can't back off. Maybe running won't happen until the end of the GCC. Only time will tell. Well that and the start of the magpie breeding season ;-).


  1. I notice you avoided Cental & East basins of LBG, so missed us jogging yesterday morning. That would have added another 13k to your ride. Yes, bikepaths are great for doddling. Cyclists trying to 'train' on them are annoying.

    Perfect time to get off the bike is when magpie season starts ;-)

  2. Thanks ET. Due to the pea soup fog, the ride started a bit late, so any longer and I'd have run out of daylight. Plans are to extend, so will take on board your suggestions about the extra basins and the pond in Gordon.

    Thing is, cyclists get hassled on the roads as well, so they need somewhere to train. It's hard to decide which is the least of 2 evils!

    However, in the interim there is plenty of time to doddle while I wait for some improvement in the cranky muscles and cranky they still are!

    1. That's why I like the mtn bike - can get in a good workout on nice trails without having to go fast. Think I'd be happy to do laps of the crit course if I resurrect the Cannondale when it warms up.

      Hope your cranky muscles become less like CJ soon ;-)