Sunday, May 12, 2013

Going backwards

Not a great run in the MDC today, no mojo and legs that had no kick at all. It had to happen eventually, no forward progression. It's just a shame that it was such a shocker and massive step backwards! My time for the 5k was 23:28, where I was hoping for 22:28, out by a whole minute. There's no explanation for the poor performance, but all my runs this week felt tougher than they should have. It was an easier week training wise with no really tough sessions. Alas, none of that helped on the day. It was a beautiful morning and perfect conditions for PBs. Crisp, foggy and no wind. What a fabulous turn out by runners and their supporters in Canberra! I believe Mr B managed a PB in the 10k 45:27ish. Michelle was 5th woman across the line, pretty close to 40mins. Lots of fantastic performances.
Team MamaMoves with Kikka and Maria strutting their stuff

That's the end of my 'fun run' season for the time being. We are heading into winter and there isn't as much happening on the 'fun run' front. For now that means mixing up the training and infrequent appearances at parkrun. It would be so much better to be training for some real distance (aka HMs), but there are no indications that the body could handle it. If anything the indications are it could NOT handle even 10k. C'est la vie in the world of ATI.


  1. I definitely couldn't have "jogged" 23:28! Maybe Mr B or Speedygeoff could, but not me.

    Hope you come good - you were going so well too. You could always mix it up with a trip to the deep south for the Tuggers Parkrun. Marty said it was 10-15 secs faster than Gindy - that'll get you a 22:28.

    1. Thanks ET. Considering I live at the Northern tip of Canberra, the Tuggers parkrun is not on my radar, that would require too early a start to get there! I hope they get the Gungahlin parkrun going as that would be a quick course.

  2. I'm glad we could cheer you in at the finish Janene. You looked fast to me. Well done! We all have good and bad days. Hope to see you at SG training this week:)

  3. It was lovely to see you and Mr B cheering near the finish :-). Yes we do indeed have good days and bad days. It seems I'm on a bit of a bad days run at present. If work doesn't hold me up (and it may this week), I'll see you at SG training :-).