Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Things in 3s

When we last left off it was 3 seconds. Since those 3 seconds, there have been a series of runs that would rate as 3/3. Last week was a great week on the fatigue front. No fatigue and the body felt completely 'normal' while running, even on the 'long runs'. The last 2 long runs have been good enough to end up as progression runs (run easy and then increase to tempo effort for the last km). Wow, it's been a long time since running felt that good! However, the advantage of keeping a running log means I am well aware that this has happened before during the last 2 years of ATI. My current volume is much lower than it has been in the past (most weeks sit in the low 30kms range) and I've been running just 4 days a week for quite some time. Now that the days are cooler, it may be good to add in an extra lunch time jaunt to get back to 5 days per week. I have also added in a group session on Thursday evenings in place of my usual solo effort. There is the eternal debate of self versus group. My feet fall mostly in the self category. I'm an introvert and I love time alone plus running alone makes it easier to train at the most appropriate pace (and volume). However, there are so many good running friendships to be had, that having some group runs are good for 'life balance' ;-).
Things in threes
It's been 18 weeks of consistent training, but with very little change in total volume. The main change has been in training intensity/pace (based on 5km performances) and types of training sessions. This has resulted in a slow forward progression and gradual decline in 5km times. I suspect a plateau isn't too far away if more volume can't be tolerated. Only time will tell.

The training pattern in recent weeks has been:
Monday - off, gym session
Tuesday - hard intervals, the last 2 weeks were 6 x 3min with 2 min walk/jog recovery
Wed - off (to become a lunch time jaunt), gym (which will move to Thurs lunch time)
Thurs - tempo pace based long intervals
Fri - off
Saturday - long or 5km timetrial at parkrun or like
Sunday - easy or long depending on Sat - plus a gym session either Sat or Sun
Naturally this is flexible and will be adapted to fit in with the level of fatigue and other life events. It's all one big experiment :-).


  1. You, an introvert?!

    Nice to read you've been enjoying some good-feeling runs. I hear what you're saying about groups v solo training. The social aspect of running with a group (or another person) is uplifting - and solo one can run exactly the effort the body needs that day. If you can get 'group' and 'what your body needs' to coincide you've had a good day.

    1. Thanks ET. Extroverts thrive on the company of others, that I do not! The open plan office I work in sucks out all my energy so that when I get home I am grateful for the silence! Some introverts are great actors ;-).

      Group runs are good when you are able to be 100% committed to the session. Alas, that hasn't been the case for me for a long time. The next best thing is to adapt it to work as best it can :-). Running is my therapist and gee I need a lot of therapy ;-). A good thing running solo is my thing. However, you are correct that when you get the right balance, it is very uplifting.

    2. I must be an introvert then. I'd say there's a range of introversion where '0' is a hermit happily living on a desert island and '10' is a person who slips into extroversion under the influence of alcohol. Similarly I think there's a range of 'running talent' (upon which we all lie) from 0 to 10 where '0' is a person who's supremely talented for sumo wrestling and '10' is Haile Gebrselassie.

      Therapy eh? I'm going to have to get my work-mates into running!

  2. There must be some kind of smile on your face at the moment, so take care.

    1. Thanks TF. Good runs are a gift and yes it is nice to be able to smile about it :-)