Sunday, April 28, 2013

Not quite 33 seconds

I thought I was all set for another blog post involving the number 3. I decided to participate in the 1st birthday parkrun event, #53 and my 6th. When I crossed the line and looked at my watch, I saw 22:37, 33 seconds faster than my last parkrun performance. However, when the results were posted it was actually 22:38, and 32 seconds just doesn't have quite the same ring to it ;-). Nonetheless, a pleasing result, particularly as I wasn't feeling especially good during the warm up and didn't feel quite right during the run. It was a well paced run, km splits were: 4:30; 4:31: 4:28; 4:43 (the uphill part of the course that always slows me down); 4:26. Conditions were also perfect for PBs, cool and windless. There was amazing support for the event with 189 runners participating breaking the attendance record by lots!

Friends' parkrun results:

8          Stuart DOYLE                        17:02  VM45-49        83.86 %
28       Louise SHARP                        20:08  SW30-34        73.51 %
39       Trevor JACOBS                       20:38  VM60-64        78.43 %
50       Kate VANDENBERG              21:51  SW30-34        68.04 %
57       Janene KINGSTON                22:38  VW45-49       72.31 %
59       Kelley FLOOD                         22:45  VW50-54       75.53 %
69       Thea ZIMPEL                          24:08  SW30-34        61.33 %
97       Yelena PEARSON                   26:58  SW30-34        54.94 %
139     Margaret MCSPADDEN       30:16  VW65-69       69.05 %
142     Kikka HAPPONEN                30:33  VW40-44       50.08 %

Lovely autumn colours at Lake Ginninderra
  Today was the ACTVAC handicap and at 10km it is the longest one for the year. Too long to consider racing, so the plan was to do it as a 'long run', but as is often the case, plans aren't always followed. It ended up being more of a long tempo run. The first 5km felt pretty good, but the 2nd half wasn't quite as pleasant. The original plan had been 6min pace, but it ended up being 5:27min pace - 54:34. It was an amazingly warm morning for this time of the year, with a good turn out for the event. Nice to finish off the morning with coffee at Wilburs with Gramps, Cheesy and Fluoro (aka Lou and Stu).
Addendum: Ha, I just realised that the 3 theme continues! My first parkrun time was 25:38, so that's a 3 minute improvement since Dec 15 2012.


  1. You must have been cruising today to actually run slower than me, your 54'34' to my 54'28". Nice to see you, it's been a while. Stay healthy, as best you can.

    1. Thanks TF. It felt cruisy for the first 5km, then not so cruisy after that ;-). Lovely to see you out there, thanks for the hugs. I can assure you staying healthy is a definite priority.

    2. Hugs available any time. 2nd half a struggle for me as well, not unexpected.

  2. I'm going to spoil your 3-theme by being the 4th to comment.

    Admit to raising my eyebrows a bit when I saw the 22:38. Parkrun isn't the fastest course around. Think it shows how well the final time is served (even in a 5k) by an even-paced start. Hopefully you'll be back to your 4:10 first k habit at the MDC ;-)

    1. Thanks ET. You have actually added to the 3 symmetry. See, there was a 3 min improvement over 4 months, so 4 comments for a 3 theme works just fine!

      How does one bad start @ 4:15 pace equate to a habit!!?? Maybe a compromise of 4:25 pace, that should then just edge out your 4:27 goal pace ;-).