Saturday, April 6, 2013

Magical Mulligans

The choices this morning were a beautiful autumn morning run in Mulligans Flat or a painful 5km loop alongside Lake Ginninderra. For me, the choice was obvious! Particularly since another painful 5km loop awaits me next Saturday at the Australian Running Festival. I've had a couple of weeks of tough training (by my standards, not by most other Canberra runner standards!). Two tough sessions each week of 5 x 3 min hard intervals (Tues) and 2 x 12 minute tempo intervals (Thurs). This week I was a bit more on pace for the 3 min intervals and so didn't fade like I did last week. 4:30 min/k @ 154 bpm; 4:26 min/k @ 154 bpm; 4:22 min/k @ 158 bpm; 4:29 min/k @ 159 bpm; 4:26 min/k @ 160 bpm. The tempo intervals are actually really tough to do mentally. Last week there was a tail wind going out and head wind back in - so yep, the 2nd interval was not good, when it's windy like that, pace should be all on RPE and not on actual numbers. This week it was a head wind out and a tail wind in. So that meant it was easier to hold on for the second interval. Legs were tired from the Tues session and some evil weighted lunges at gym on Wed. Tempo intervals this week were 5:05 min/k @ 151bpm; 5:00 min/k @ 155 bpm. In theory tempo pace should be about 4:50 pace for me, but based on RPE and level of fatigue from Tues, the 5s pace was all I could manage.
My Magical Mulligans Flat loop
My loop around Mulligans Flat this morning was 11.9km and there wasn't too much complaining from my legs. It was a slow doddle as there are a few hills and some rough rocky sections, but overall slightly better than long runs of recent times. The conditions were outstanding. Crisp, no wind with the sun shining. What's not to love about Autumn in Canberra?!

Next week will be an easy week with the lead in to the Australian Running Festival. It would be good to run the 5km on fresh legs. Here's hoping insomnia doesn't come knocking too often during the week.

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  1. You could have enjoyed a slow 8k doddle with us in the YCRC run. Beautiful area to run, but I'd forgotten how hilly it is. Beautiful temp at 11am too. See you next Saturday - I'll try and organise some fresh legs too - need 'em for that course.