Sunday, March 17, 2013

Parkrun # 47 (5)

The insomnia is starting to settle down and I've been able to get in some training this week. Tuesday the XC was at Black Mountain Peninsula, not a favourite course! However, I used it as an opportunity to run a tempo run. As I'm still without my RS800CX, I couldn't do any timed intervals, so a tempo run seemed the best compromise. Having had a couple of nights of reasonable quality sleep, it felt okay and the pace was comfortably hard. There was a brief hope of 'chicking' Mr B as he stopped to tie his shoelace. Alas he caught me, passed me and just kept right on going. I finished in 23:48, a substantial improvement on this course (Mr B was 'taking it easy' and ran 23:03).

Cool down jog with the lads post parkrun
Saturday morning was my 5th time running in a parkrun event. The plan was simply to see what the legs could do. The conditions were good for running. Without any technology there are no heart rate or pace data. For 5 km it took 23:10, a 6 second PB on that course. A little off the training 'target' but not bad considering the disruptions from sleep deprivation. Fingers crossed a sub 23 is just around the corner.
Friends' results at parkrun #47
10 Trevor JACOBS 20:56 (a great back up run after 5000m ACTVAC track champs)
19 Gary BOWEN 22:13
27 Janene KINGSTON 23:10
37 Graham BURKE 24:09
41 Bob HARLOW 25:40
72 Margaret MCSPADDEN 31:02
82 Ewen THOMPSON 35:38 (in cruise mode)
96 Geoff MOORE 42:56 (on volunteer duties and looking fine in the orange singlet)


  1. Definitely just around the corner.

    White visor, yellow crop-top, black shorts, purple shoes, green laces... someone call the fashion police ;-)

    1. You're colour blind Ewen. Those laces are yellow to match the crop-top! Great run Janene:)

    2. Thanks ET. What Ruth said! ;-)

  2. Nice crowd of admirers there FR. Note to self - join them next week, take camera.

    1. Thanks SG, I see you and your orange singlet also had a nice crowd of admirers :-)