Saturday, March 9, 2013

Missing in action

It's fair to say that there hasn't been a lot of structured training going on for the last few weeks. I seem to have fallen off the band wagon. To add insult to injury, my RS800CX Polar watch spat the dummy this week and I've had to send it off for repair. What's a girl to do when she doesn't have all of her technology at hand?! There isn't really a good explanation for my loss of training focus, although the recurring insomnia hasn't helped! There have been plenty of distractions, but in the past, that's not really stopped me. Could I be reaching the point of no return? Has the long term acquired training intolerance finally worn me down? To some extent I think it's because I can't train for long distance events. That was my bread and butter, getting out there doing long runs, tempo runs, long intervals, getting that buzz of being at one with nature while running for a couple of hours. Sure, there's a similar training pattern for 5km, but let's be honest, my 5km training is pretty limited as it's so easy to overdo it.

Last weekend I ran in the ACTEWAGL Women and Girls Fun Run. There had been plenty of sleep deprivation in the lead up to this, so it wasn't going to be a dazzling time. Sure enough, I managed 23:25, while secretly hoping for 23:00. It was an honest run, I pushed as hard as I could, but I could not hold the required 4:35min/km pace. Yep and that little hill at the end was always going to be nausea city! There were some outstanding performances by many friends. In particular, the lovely Michelle Wells, team captain of MamaMoves, ran a course PB of 19:45 to take 2nd place out right.
Friends' Results:
2 Michelle Wells 19:45
4 Kathy Southgate 20:01
5 Katie Forestier 20:30
6 Emma Adams 20:37
10 Helen Larmour 21:26
14 Maria O'Reilly 21:44
15 Kelley Flood 21:50
18 Kathy Sims 22:10
44 Amanda Walker 24:09
46 Cathy Newman 24:16
143 Ruth Baussmann 28:36
232 Margaret McSpadden 30:47 
417 Kikka Happonen 35:41 

One major distraction, the fabulous Fergus :-)
This week there hasn't been much running as I had a LASIK procedure on Tuesday on my left eye for my longstanding astigmatism. The outcome 'eye can see, eye can see' ;-). Yes, the procedure went well and it's nice to no longer have blurry vision in that eye.  Reading glasses will still be required for the age-associated long sightedness, but at least the left eye won't need a special prescription anymore.

As for the running training, well I'll have to go back a few weeks in the programme and pick up from there. Probably back to week 9 of the Daniels intermediate programme. If sleep is okay during the week, then I'm due to do another progress check at Parkrun next Saturday. No ACTVAC handicap this month as Fergus and I will be taking part in The Black Dog Ride.

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  1. Like your protective gear. Air-conditioned ankles just the thing with this warm motorcycle-friendly weather we've been having lately.

    23:25 isn't too bad considering recent distractions. Michelle's run was fantastic! Oh to be that fast. Sorry about the eye surgery -- I thought you'd been winking at me all these years ;-)