Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finally some numbers

Fortunately my RS800CX was an easy fix. Polar just needed to change the battery connections and also noticed the watchband was in need of replacing. I survived it's absence of just over a week. Sadly there was a loss of a week of data (plus the week I was without it). Having it back again has meant it's back to looking at numbers :-). The first of that being the last of YCRC summer series at Stromlo on Tues 19 March. A perfect evening for running with cool conditions and a lightish wind from the South. Now this was supposed to be a tempo run. But it was probably more of a long hard interval as I did start a bit too quickly. Numbers for each km were: 4:25 @ 145bpm; 4:35 @ 156bpm; 4:43 @ 162bpm; 4:27 @ 162 bpm and 4:45 @ 163 bpm. I needed to slow in that last km, still not much endurance on the small base I am working with to avoid fatigue.

There were some good runs by many friends including:

2          Bruce Graham           16:36             
5.         David Osmond           17:35
20.       Katie Forestier           20:00
26.       Kate Vandenberg      21:15
27.       Geoff Moore               21:25
28.       Helen Larmour          21:49
29.       Maria O'Reilly            21:52
34.       Ewen Thompson       22:41
37.       Janene Kingston        22:55
40.       Geoff Sims                   23:43
43.       Amanda Walker        23:52
46.       Kathy Sims                 24:14
47.       Ken Eynon                 24:47

With the improvement in sleep quality and cooler conditions, it's been back into some training. The 'long' runs are still not pleasant and 11-12k is about all I can handle. It's usually a mental battle from the 3k point to the end, not much fun.

Other training is easier to do, it's meant to hurt and it's over pretty quickly. Tuesday was 5 x 3min  hard intervals (with 2 min walk/jog recovery). Based on current form that's around 4:26 to 4:30 pace. I usually get the first interval wrong and Tuesday was no exception. Paces for each interval were: 4:13, 4:27, 4:26, 4:17 and 4:31. Mr B tagged along, but was well ahead at the end of each of these intervals. I guesstimate he managed about 4:10-15 pace for each one. This is working against me being able to 'chick' him anytime soon.
There may be another parkrun effort on Saturday depending on how the body is feeling. There is also the Australian Running Festival 5k fun run coming up on 13 April here in Canberra.


  1. You're running pretty well - not only in that one, but for the intervals. So your ave HR was 158ish.. max is what? 170-175? If so, about 90% for that - a bit quicker than tempo pace. Not easy running tempo pace in races. It'll be interesting to see how the Parkrun compares, where I presume you'll be trying to keep Mr B in sight.

    If you're struggling/not enjoying 11-12k long runs, why not drop them altogether for a while and do 10k runs as your easy runs? 10k is still an hour of running. Having a mental battle for 7k is better than 9k.

    1. Thanks ET. Sadly all easy runs have a certain amount of unpleasantness to them, even if they are only 5k. I'll do 9-10k on the days it's particularly hard going. The slightly longer runs allow for a nice loop in Mulligan's Flat.
      It's been a while since I checked to see what HRmax is, but yeah, it's probably mid 170s based on me getting over 170bpm when I can really push it in a race, generally when the endurance is better.
      Struggled through a tough session today, so Parkrun may not be a go or a good indication this week. I'll try and taper slightly for the 5k at the running festival and see how that goes. I run better when Mr B is nowhere to be seen ;-).