Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finally some numbers

Fortunately my RS800CX was an easy fix. Polar just needed to change the battery connections and also noticed the watchband was in need of replacing. I survived it's absence of just over a week. Sadly there was a loss of a week of data (plus the week I was without it). Having it back again has meant it's back to looking at numbers :-). The first of that being the last of YCRC summer series at Stromlo on Tues 19 March. A perfect evening for running with cool conditions and a lightish wind from the South. Now this was supposed to be a tempo run. But it was probably more of a long hard interval as I did start a bit too quickly. Numbers for each km were: 4:25 @ 145bpm; 4:35 @ 156bpm; 4:43 @ 162bpm; 4:27 @ 162 bpm and 4:45 @ 163 bpm. I needed to slow in that last km, still not much endurance on the small base I am working with to avoid fatigue.

There were some good runs by many friends including:

2          Bruce Graham           16:36             
5.         David Osmond           17:35
20.       Katie Forestier           20:00
26.       Kate Vandenberg      21:15
27.       Geoff Moore               21:25
28.       Helen Larmour          21:49
29.       Maria O'Reilly            21:52
34.       Ewen Thompson       22:41
37.       Janene Kingston        22:55
40.       Geoff Sims                   23:43
43.       Amanda Walker        23:52
46.       Kathy Sims                 24:14
47.       Ken Eynon                 24:47

With the improvement in sleep quality and cooler conditions, it's been back into some training. The 'long' runs are still not pleasant and 11-12k is about all I can handle. It's usually a mental battle from the 3k point to the end, not much fun.

Other training is easier to do, it's meant to hurt and it's over pretty quickly. Tuesday was 5 x 3min  hard intervals (with 2 min walk/jog recovery). Based on current form that's around 4:26 to 4:30 pace. I usually get the first interval wrong and Tuesday was no exception. Paces for each interval were: 4:13, 4:27, 4:26, 4:17 and 4:31. Mr B tagged along, but was well ahead at the end of each of these intervals. I guesstimate he managed about 4:10-15 pace for each one. This is working against me being able to 'chick' him anytime soon.
There may be another parkrun effort on Saturday depending on how the body is feeling. There is also the Australian Running Festival 5k fun run coming up on 13 April here in Canberra.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Parkrun # 47 (5)

The insomnia is starting to settle down and I've been able to get in some training this week. Tuesday the XC was at Black Mountain Peninsula, not a favourite course! However, I used it as an opportunity to run a tempo run. As I'm still without my RS800CX, I couldn't do any timed intervals, so a tempo run seemed the best compromise. Having had a couple of nights of reasonable quality sleep, it felt okay and the pace was comfortably hard. There was a brief hope of 'chicking' Mr B as he stopped to tie his shoelace. Alas he caught me, passed me and just kept right on going. I finished in 23:48, a substantial improvement on this course (Mr B was 'taking it easy' and ran 23:03).

Cool down jog with the lads post parkrun
Saturday morning was my 5th time running in a parkrun event. The plan was simply to see what the legs could do. The conditions were good for running. Without any technology there are no heart rate or pace data. For 5 km it took 23:10, a 6 second PB on that course. A little off the training 'target' but not bad considering the disruptions from sleep deprivation. Fingers crossed a sub 23 is just around the corner.
Friends' results at parkrun #47
10 Trevor JACOBS 20:56 (a great back up run after 5000m ACTVAC track champs)
19 Gary BOWEN 22:13
27 Janene KINGSTON 23:10
37 Graham BURKE 24:09
41 Bob HARLOW 25:40
72 Margaret MCSPADDEN 31:02
82 Ewen THOMPSON 35:38 (in cruise mode)
96 Geoff MOORE 42:56 (on volunteer duties and looking fine in the orange singlet)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Missing in action

It's fair to say that there hasn't been a lot of structured training going on for the last few weeks. I seem to have fallen off the band wagon. To add insult to injury, my RS800CX Polar watch spat the dummy this week and I've had to send it off for repair. What's a girl to do when she doesn't have all of her technology at hand?! There isn't really a good explanation for my loss of training focus, although the recurring insomnia hasn't helped! There have been plenty of distractions, but in the past, that's not really stopped me. Could I be reaching the point of no return? Has the long term acquired training intolerance finally worn me down? To some extent I think it's because I can't train for long distance events. That was my bread and butter, getting out there doing long runs, tempo runs, long intervals, getting that buzz of being at one with nature while running for a couple of hours. Sure, there's a similar training pattern for 5km, but let's be honest, my 5km training is pretty limited as it's so easy to overdo it.

Last weekend I ran in the ACTEWAGL Women and Girls Fun Run. There had been plenty of sleep deprivation in the lead up to this, so it wasn't going to be a dazzling time. Sure enough, I managed 23:25, while secretly hoping for 23:00. It was an honest run, I pushed as hard as I could, but I could not hold the required 4:35min/km pace. Yep and that little hill at the end was always going to be nausea city! There were some outstanding performances by many friends. In particular, the lovely Michelle Wells, team captain of MamaMoves, ran a course PB of 19:45 to take 2nd place out right.
Friends' Results:
2 Michelle Wells 19:45
4 Kathy Southgate 20:01
5 Katie Forestier 20:30
6 Emma Adams 20:37
10 Helen Larmour 21:26
14 Maria O'Reilly 21:44
15 Kelley Flood 21:50
18 Kathy Sims 22:10
44 Amanda Walker 24:09
46 Cathy Newman 24:16
143 Ruth Baussmann 28:36
232 Margaret McSpadden 30:47 
417 Kikka Happonen 35:41 

One major distraction, the fabulous Fergus :-)
This week there hasn't been much running as I had a LASIK procedure on Tuesday on my left eye for my longstanding astigmatism. The outcome 'eye can see, eye can see' ;-). Yes, the procedure went well and it's nice to no longer have blurry vision in that eye.  Reading glasses will still be required for the age-associated long sightedness, but at least the left eye won't need a special prescription anymore.

As for the running training, well I'll have to go back a few weeks in the programme and pick up from there. Probably back to week 9 of the Daniels intermediate programme. If sleep is okay during the week, then I'm due to do another progress check at Parkrun next Saturday. No ACTVAC handicap this month as Fergus and I will be taking part in The Black Dog Ride.