Sunday, February 24, 2013

Insomnia sucks

Rest and recovery is great when you can sleep. Alas, without good quality sleep it can be hard to convince the body to do anything even remotely taxing. I had a similar problem at this time last year with bad sleep issues. That waking up after only a few hours and not being able to get back to sleep insomnia :-/. Drugs can only help so much. There is a bit on the mind at present (but good stuff!), so switching it off once it wakes up in those wee hours can be quite the challenge! C'est la vie. I know that it will eventually settle down again, in the mean time it means just rolling with the punches. The ACTVAC handicap was today and I had a horrid run, I took some walk breaks from the 5 km mark. Tiredness was mostly due to being really sleep deprived, but I also did a double workout yesterday, a 10 km run in the morning and a MTB ride in the afternoon that involved more hills than I was expecting. A good thing the company and post-ride coffee were good :-). I will have to take it easy this week in the hope that I will be able to push myself all the way around the Women and Girls Fun Run 5 km course next Sunday.

Sexy FZ6R
In the meantime, I expect to be picking up a used version of this sexy FZ6R during the week. If I can't run with speed, at least I can ride with it  :-). Vroom vroom.


  1. Go riding in style, looks fast. Sorry about your run today, walking just as I caught you. Take care, both on 2 feet & 2 wheels.

  2. Very sexy (he says waking from a long nap). That looks fun - sadly I don't often fit sports bikes too well - they seem designed for Japanese riders with short legs. Pillion seat looks a bit precarious!

    At least with the slow run today the handicapper will look kindly on you for next month ;-)

    1. Who said anything about pillions? It's all about ME ;-).
      That hasn't been my experience with sports bikes, I have found them to be too high for my leg length. That said I have steered clear of the supersports type bikes which may be lower, not keen on drop handle bars!
      Handicapper will only ever move you forward one position at a time, the handicapper is evil ;-).

    2. I thought Jen was the only ME ME runner in Canberra ;-)
      My problem is getting the knees behind the fairing and cramped legs from high footpegs. Yes, low bars are a pain too. A mate has an Aprilia and even with optional bar risers he said it wasn't comfortable under 120 kph.
      The handicaper told me if you buy him some beers he'll help you out.

    3. I'm a ME ME biker, so that makes it okay ;-).
      Try an FZ8, they seem to be more for tall people.
      The handicapper told a fib!

    4. That'd be fun. No fairing, but with the high pegs and thin seat I'd need to get off after 100k. Don't think I'd buy a bike without a centre stand - too hard to oil the chain and check tyre pressures. I'm a lazy biker. Don't tell Thomas.

    5. There are track stands that you can connect to the back wheel. That's what I'll be using to oil the chain!
      FZ8S has some fairing on the front and is very noiiiccceee. If I was taller, it would have been 'The One' ;-)