Sunday, February 24, 2013

Insomnia sucks

Rest and recovery is great when you can sleep. Alas, without good quality sleep it can be hard to convince the body to do anything even remotely taxing. I had a similar problem at this time last year with bad sleep issues. That waking up after only a few hours and not being able to get back to sleep insomnia :-/. Drugs can only help so much. There is a bit on the mind at present (but good stuff!), so switching it off once it wakes up in those wee hours can be quite the challenge! C'est la vie. I know that it will eventually settle down again, in the mean time it means just rolling with the punches. The ACTVAC handicap was today and I had a horrid run, I took some walk breaks from the 5 km mark. Tiredness was mostly due to being really sleep deprived, but I also did a double workout yesterday, a 10 km run in the morning and a MTB ride in the afternoon that involved more hills than I was expecting. A good thing the company and post-ride coffee were good :-). I will have to take it easy this week in the hope that I will be able to push myself all the way around the Women and Girls Fun Run 5 km course next Sunday.

Sexy FZ6R
In the meantime, I expect to be picking up a used version of this sexy FZ6R during the week. If I can't run with speed, at least I can ride with it  :-). Vroom vroom.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rest and recovery rocks!

Most runners like to run every day and are reluctant to take rest days, let alone multiple rest days in a row. Last week was a big week for me, I ran 6 days and did more k's than usual. That was partly in response to the very light week before that. I knew last Sunday that I had probably overdone it when my legs couldn't cope with the usual leg session at the gym. However, Monday is usually a no run day, just an upper body/abs gym day, so it was assumed all would be okay for long intervals at the YCRC 5km run on Tuesday of this week - WRONG! The warm up was crappola! However, as many a crappola warm up has been followed by a good session, I persevered. Alas, that just extended into a crappola long intervals session. Those intervals were 6 mins moderately hard, 1 min jog recovery. The GPS battery died, probably a good thing as I don't want to see the pace data! Admittedly it was hot and others also struggled in those conditions. The 5k time as 25:12 and I pulled up feeling pretty nauseous. I also felt pretty despondent thinking, 'here we go again with training intolerance'. Smartly there was no run on Wednesday, just some upper body/abs gym work. Thursday I briefly contemplated a morning run, but decided against it. There was no lunch time opportunity and by evening I was dog tired, plus I was calculating results at Track. A run could have happened, but the dog tiredness was a sign to just go with another rest day. Friday it was hot at lunch time and as Parkrun was in the plans for Saturday, I stuck with an easy jog followed by 4 x 20 second strides. That jog felt better than Tuesday's warm up jog. Bring on Parkrun .... wow what a difference! The warm up felt good, the run even better. I was hoping for a sub 24 to be consistent with the 2013 Case Study hypothesis. As it turns out, it was so much better than that! The 1km splits are: 4:38, 4:38, 4:47, 4:51, 4:22 - for 23:16 (HR monitor played up so no reliable data). Well ahead of the hypothesis! A 67 second improvement over 4 weeks. 
Some Parkrun fun
Friends at Parkrun:
Louise Sharp - 21:13
Kate Vandenberg - 22:02
David Baussmann - 22:03 - a 5k PB woot woot!
Trevor Jacobs - 23:37 - clearly taking it easy
Graham Burke - 24:12
Kikka Happonen - 32:51 - another kick arse PB!