Saturday, January 12, 2013

Close to target

It seemed like a good time to check in on how well the body is responding to training in this 2013 Case Study. Thursday was a great interval session of 5 x 1 km, where it all felt good. Indeed as I approach the end of the 5th week of this training programme, the muscles and body overall are feeling great. None of those fatigue/training intolerance symptoms have reared their ugly head. Even a 'long' run (~13km) last weekend was pleasant. It's been 2 weeks since the last Parkrun, a good time to test the legs. Conditions were okay, a bit warmer than the run 2 weeks ago. Splits and HR for each km were 4:48, 145bpm; 4:45, 157bpm; 4:44, 161bpm; 5:05, 163bpm; 4:58, 163bpm - total time 24:23, HRav 158bpm. The legs and lungs faded in those last 2 km and with the warm conditions, I no doubt went out a little too quickly. However, that is an 11 second improvement on the time 2 weeks ago. Pretty close to the predicted gain of ~15sec/2 weeks. On a cooler morning that time would have been much closer to 24min. 
Running on target
Friends results at Parkrun
8 Trevor Jacobs - 20:01 (should have sprinted for the finish to get under 20 :-) )
39 Janene Kingston - 24:23
45 Roger Abbott - 25:50 (took it easy after some hamstring twinges during the week)
47 Graham Burke - 26:09 (has been out to pasture with an injury for the last 2 months)
73 Kikka Happonen - 36:09 (on the comeback trail!)


  1. That's great news. Congrats on your "New PB!" You must have the training tweaked close to perfection re fatigue/performance improvement. Maybe a tad fast at the start, but not too bad. Trev is just a slack old man (who needs some sprint coaching from Damian).

    1. Thanks ET. It does seem to be going well at present. Gramps is such an inspiration, sprint or no sprint.

  2. Well done, seems be be working the new plan. No backward steps. It's good news. You run next vet's handicap, I still won't catch you, but still a nice target.

    1. Thanks TF. Yes it does feel good to be heading forwards. I hope to be at the next handicap. Anything longer than 5K will challenge me! You may get closer than you think :-).