Friday, June 29, 2012


That's my estimate of where I am sitting post-injury/fatigue. The body is firing around 75% of its former self and it's been sitting there for a while. This could be a good thing as it isn't really going backwards. The lurgi did knock me around more than I anticipated and even now there is a persistent cough. However, I did manage a good long interval session at the track last Tuesday inspired by several speedy thoroughbreds training like Black Caviar. Although BC is more of a 'sprinter' while those at the track were much more 'stayers'. Including one of our local Olympians - Marty Dent.

All gimmick and proved very effective advertising!
The session included 2000m, 1600m then 1200m. I set my watch to beep me through each 200m @ 4:20 min/K pace. The 2000m felt easy and I stayed on pace, the 1600m was a bit tougher, but I mostly maintained the pace, during the 1200m I was hit with a high stitch (just under the diaphragm) and had to break it into a couple of shorter intervals. A good session all things considered!

Otherwise training has been a mix of short jogettes, gym sessions and the odd hard or longish session. The jogettes are mostly enjoyable as they are all about going super slow and easy. It looks like I may be able to handle a single hard session each week and will see how that goes - so much for Plan C!!

Latest Training:
Monday - gym session and 4.2K jog @6:30 min/K, HRav 125bpm - Rate 2/3
Tuesday - 2K jog warm up, 4 x 100m strides, long intervals: 2000m - 8:39, HRav 158bpm; 1600m - 6:57, HRav 163bpm, 400m x 2 @ 4:20 pace (interrupted by stitch); 1.8K jog cool down - Rate 2.5/3
Wednesday - gym session and 4.3K jog @6:30 min/K, HRav 126bpm - Rate 2/3
Thursday - lap around Black Mountain 11.7K @6 min/K, HRav 138bpm - Rate 1.5/3
Friday - OFF  

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just cruisin'

Yep, with the recent lurgi and unhappy muscles, it's been a time of going on cruisey no goal runs. At present it makes sense to get out and run by feel and not worry about all the various training plans, since in reality it's not like I've gained any momentum with my training over the last few months. I did think about a track session on Tuesday, but after a 'warm up' jog I decided it was probably more sensible to just jog around the local streets and leave the thoroughbreds to do their work on the track. I'm more like a retired thoroughbred who is now used as a show hack. The desire to race never disappears.........but the body isn't so able.

The monthly handicap was around Mt Ainslie, a tough course with that big climb not too far from the finish. I ran the first 7K quite well, but conveniently died just as I got close to the final climb. Taking it easy of late obviously helped as I was able to run with the HR right up there, it spent some time hovering around the 170bpm mark. My best placing on this course - 23rd, a shame I couldn't keep the momentum going for the full distance. Also happy to finally get my AST over 70% (72) again. Great run by Roger to take the silver. Also great to see Gary take the bronze in the Frylink series.

Brett Morrison (Silver), Jill Pearson (Gold) and Gary Bowen (Bronze)

Roger briefly had the Thomas Series PRIZE! Count back - he was actually 2nd.

Latest 'Training':
Tuesday -  8.6K in total @ 6min/K HRav 127bpm. Rate 2/3
Wednesday - Lunchtime weights session @ gym; evening jog 4K @ 6:09min/K HRav 123bpm Rate 2/3.
Thursday - The little black mountain loop 9.2K @ 6:10min/K HRav 127bpm. Rate 2/3
Friday - Weights session @ gym.
Saturday - Short 4.2 K loop @ 6:20min/K HRav 130 bpm. Rate 1.5/3
Sunday - ACTVAC handicap - 9.3K @5:10min/K HRav 163bpm. Rate 2.5/3. 1K warm up and cool down. Late PM 'recovery jog' 3K - rate 2.5/3. Total for week 40K.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A couple of good ones

As the good days are infrequent, when I get them they are bliss. I'm talking about just being able to run slowly and for it to feel GOOD. It's also great to knock out a tough training session, but it's those easy runs that are truly easy that make running such a wonder. Post-lurgi and with unhappy muscles it was a pleasant surprise to have two consecutive good days. One was just a short little jog to get outside, the other a 'long' run on a cold, windy day.

A fabulous place to run
Saturday was cross country champs and as always, there were many inspiring performances. For me, just jogging 50 metres from the start to the registration desk hurt! A good thing I wasn't competing. However, when I got home I needed a jog. Yay, the hurting had stopped and a gentle 4km loop was just what the doctor ordered, it felt great. Sunday was a play it by ear run, no pressure, no expectations. Mulligans flat is my local trail running location, although it isn't really flat. I ended up managing a slow 13km along the perimeter fence. I did cheat pre-run and take a dose of P.

Latest 'training':
Saturday - 4km loop @5:50min/K HRav 127bpm, rate 3/3, followed by weights session at the gym
Sunday - 13km loop @6:24min/K HRav 125bpm, rate 3/3
Total for week - 43km.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Eighteen months

Yes, it's been 18 months since my training intolerance became apparent! In those 18 months I have improved slightly (probably due to restoration of iron levels), but the intolerance just won't go away. With that amount of time and a good 6 months of normal iron levels it's come to the time to accept that this is as good as it's going to get. I have no idea what has caused it, but there must be some modification of my muscle physiology/function. There will be good days and there will be bad days, and there won't be any more marathons or even half marathons, I can't tolerate the training :-(. Running will simply become a means of keeping somewhat fit, getting outside and keeping the body weight in check. There will be fun runs for the sake of going somewhere different, but no matter how strong that desire is to chase PBs, the body is just no longer able. Pretty tough when you live in a runner's paradise. Bummed to my core.

Skeletal muscle pathology from athletes with ATI
Skeletal muscle pathology in endurance athletes with acquired training intolerance

Latest 'Training':
Sunday - 11.4K, lurgi still lingering 6min/K HRav 147 bpm. Rate 1/3 although happy to be running again after 5 days off
Monday - 3.1K easy jog 6:30min/K, HRav 130bpm
Tuesday - OFF, lingering lurgi
Wednesday - Easy circuit of central basin + Telopea Park 11.1K 5:50min/K HRav 130bpm Rate 2/3
Thursday - weights session at the gym
Friday - Black Mountain circuit 11.8K, 6min/K HRav 130bpm, Rate 1.5/3

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Taken out by the lurgi

I understand just where Mimi is coming from!

It's been 5 days since my last run. I was hit by the dreaded lurgi that has been circulating around Canberra. It's a sneaky little sucker. I was off work for 2 days and thought that was the worst of it, wrong! Fortunately it is mostly upper respiratory and by sensibly not running it will hopefully fade into the background, just as long as it gives me back my voice! Hence, it's blown a BIG hole in my training plan. I have had a couple of gentle gym sessions, but otherwise it's been a big fat ZERO since last Tuesday. I plan to venture out for a run tomorrow - Sunday to see how the body feels.

Latest Training:
Thursday - Longish run of 13K at a bit below LT pace - Rate 2/3
Friday - Gym weights session
Saturday - long hilly intervals 4 x 5 mins, total 11K - Rate 1.5/3, feeling flat
Sunday - Gym weights session
Monday - Long intervals - 4 x 6 min, total of 11K with warm up and cool down - Rate 2/3 for intervals, 1/3 for the cool down.
Tuesday -  OFF greeted by lurgi upon awakening
Wednesday - gentle gym session with weights
Thursday - OFF, lurgi well and truly in charge, the perfect birthday pressie ..... not!
Friday - OFF not feeling particularly good
Saturday - gentle gym session with weights, feeling much better except for the loss of voice.

Upcoming running plans were to include the cross country championships Saturday June 16th.  I have not been able to run in these for the last couple of years and thought I could finally participate. Alas I am so undercooked that I may again be cheering from the sidelines. I'll see how my Tuesday session goes and decide then!

Other events approaching include City2Surf in August - first time for a bit of fun.  Heids is thinking of running Sutherland2Surf in July and would like some company. I'm all for it if I can bounce back from Mr Lurgi.