Saturday, December 15, 2012

Off to a good start

It's been a good start to the new plan post-Indonesia. Although I have always loved my long runs, I am finding this running short and sharp approach quite pleasant. Best of all, no muscle fatigue when doing the shorter runs, just a glaring lack of fitness and speed! The idea is to give it a few weeks and then see if there is any improvement in pace/fitness. Based on the today's Park Run performance, there is a LOT of work to do.

Antlers are the flavour of the month
There is a nice intermediate running program in the Daniels' Running Formula book that I have adapted. Along with this, there will be the ongoing gym work that will be worked in around the running. The general gist of the running is: hill reps (~250m) or 400m on the flat reps (mixed up with some shorter ones as well); long (1km) intervals with 2 min passive recoveries (or equivalent if running @ track); a long run that doesn't go over 60 mins; a couple of easy 30 min runs that are finished off with 20 second strides. Today's park run was supposed to be one of those 30 mins easy, alas it was anything but easy.

Latest training:
Saturday - serious butt kicking, DOMS causing legs session - ouch!
Sunday - long run ~60mins
Monday - gym session - back, shoulders, abs
Tuesday - 250m hill reps x 5 with appropriate jog warm up and cool down
Wednesday - gym session - arms, chest, abs; 30min E + 6 strides
Thursday - 3 x 1km reps @4:55 min/k pace with appropriate jog warm up and cool down
Friday - Well earned day of rest
Saturday - Park run in antlers @ 25:38, HRav 158bpm; gym session - legs and bench press.

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  1. Looks good thus far. Parkrun wearing helmet and weather-beaten antlers would have been a good visor fogging test ;-)