Friday, December 7, 2012

In need of some good health

As predicted, there was no real opportunity to do any training in Indonesia. To add insult to injury I came down with a case of Bali belly during the last couple of days of the trip. That was followed with a head cold that was likely picked up on my last day in Indonesia (I remember being near someone who was coughing and spluttering in a crowded space). As a result of all of that, not much has been happening on the aerobic exercise front. I have been to the gym for some weight sessions, but there hasn't been much running and no cycling.
Baby at the Sumatran rhino sanctuary in Way Kambas, Indonesia
Given what has happened over the last 9 months or so and after a bit of reading, I think I need to reduce the amount of time I spend doing aerobic exercise and instead focus on getting fit doing shorter and sharper stuff. The fatigue/training intolerance seems to mostly relate to time/distance. It is exacerbated if I then try and include some speed work while also trying to keep the time/distance training up. However, if we look back, when the distance and time in training were limited and I was doing mostly short sharp stuff there was little in the way of training fatigue. I had some great training sessions at this time last year, but as soon as I tried to increase my mileage, I went backwards. Doing just low intensity stuff has not helped keep the training fatigue at bay. Sooooooo, for now most running sessions will be short and there will be a mix of short high intensity intervals (up to 60-90 sec) and some hill intervals. 5K will be the longest 'racing' distance, and long runs won't go much past 70 mins. No kms just for the sake of kms.

The calf muscle is fully recovered and Jim has 'cut me loose' so to speak. It has happily handled a couple of 200m hill rep sessions and is ready for more. Park Run will be the focus until the YCRC Summer series starts. Maybe a 5K on the track late in the season and any 5K fun runs that might pop up. I will miss the longer stuff, but for now it's not able to be tolerated and the focus needs to be elsewhere. Time to lean up and build those muscles ;-).

Recent activity:
Sunday  - Gym session - legs and bench press; 11.5km run @ easy pace
Monday - Gym session - back, shoulders and abs
Tuesday - Off work and off exercise
Wednesday - Gym session - arms, chest and abs
Thursday - Off, still battling the lurgi
Friday - 200m hill reps x 5 with easy recover and 1.5 km warm and cool down. No issues with fatigue.


  1. That all sounds good to me. As a generalisation it's a good idea to work on muscular strength as we age (not that you're getting older) and sprinting type sessions/short intervals/hill reps are perfect for this.

    You don't need a heap of miles to maintain the aerobic fitness needed for 5k racing - probably no need for a 'long' run either. Another thought which might work re fatigue would be to split easy days into 20 minutes AM, 20 PM or something similar.

    1. Thanks ET. I am getting older, there is no doubt about it! That's what you get when you spend lots of time in the QLD sun as a teenager!

      Interesting article. He still advocates one long run per week. I guess we will see how things go.

    2. I think we all spent too much time in the sun as kids but I guess the Qld sun beats the southern sun. That's why 2Fs has such good skin ;-) You look fine from a distance.

    3. Yes, but did you lie in the sun coated in oil with no SPF trying to get super brown? Silly, silly teenager! Distance, dim light and long sightedness can give an impression that things aren't bad as they really are ;-).

  2. Very good plan to take another way to work through this fatigue problem. Hopefully, you can be a target again by end of January.
    Take care, one step at a time.

    1. Thanks TF. If nothing, at least it keeps me thinking :-). Handicap may be too far for me now to go hard the whole way. Oh the shame ..... oh well, let's see how things go over the next few weeks.