Saturday, December 22, 2012

A harsh reality

When you run on the track it is hard to hide. Thursday 20 December was the last meet at track and field for 2012. As it was carnival night, it was a good excuse to take part. Ouch the harsh reality of lost fitness, speed, you name it! Running around 5 min/km is dreadfully tough at present, as was evidenced by 10:06 in the 2km turkey run and 14:52 in the 3km, a massive PW over that distance. A couple of long 'intervals', but I doubt I'd have been able to go much faster even if I only did one of those events for the night. And to think I used to be able to run close to 5 min/km for an entire marathon with it feeling easy most of the way! Fitness seems to have gone backwards since the first event in the YCRC Spring series. Oh well, onwards and upwards, maybe 2013 will be a better year running wise, 2012 ended up being quite a fizzer, the dragon was extinguished/slain.

Michael Roden and Sue Bourke, winners of the President's 100m handicap
More of the same this week with gym sessions and running. I skipped Park Run as the legs were tired from track and it would be foolish to overdo it at this point in time. It will probably be back on the menu next week.

Latest training:
Sunday - ~11km E long run
Monday - Gym session - upper body and abs
Tuesday - 6 x 250m hill reps with appropriate warm up and cool down jogs
Wednesday - 30 min E + 6 strides (20 sec)
Thursday - Gym session - upper body and abs; track 2K @5:03/km and 3K @4:57/k (HRav 160 bpm) with warm up jogs
Friday -  Day off
Saturday - 10km E long run; gym session - legs + bench press


  1. Awe, poor dragon!

    A mitigating factor for Thursday would have been the warm temps for the earlier 2k run. After a draining effort in that one it'd be hard backing up for the 3000. Bet you would have been well under 14 for it if not for the earlier race.

    Yes, onward to 2013. Has to be a better year for all!

    1. Thanks ET. Yes it was warm for the 2K run, but I still doubt I'd have gone under 14. Maybe in another couple of weeks once there's been time for some training adaptation. I hope 2013 sees you hit 20:13 for 5K.

    2. Thanks J. 20:13 has a good ring to it. Hope I don't need that downhill 5k race that Heidz has found.

  2. Repeat Monday session whenever you like. Yea for 2013, have a good one.

    1. Thanks TF. Wed (usually) is the same as Mon, but also includes a run. Wishing you all the best for 2013.