Saturday, November 3, 2012

Starting from scratch .......

At present it feels like I am someone that has just taken up running with no previous running history. All those years of training have slipped away. And so, with that in mind, it's back to the very basics for the next few months. Long runs will be in a run:walk 4:1 mins ratio. This will allow me to run at a pace that isn't painfully slow, but provide enough recovery to limit the damage. Running too slowly leads to poor biomechanics and I get hip and calf (soleus) pain as a result of the inefficient gait. Running too quickly sets off the fatigue. It will be a matter of striking the right balance with a goal of building distance and trying to build a brand new base. Work has more overseas travel set for later this month, which will see me in hot/humid Indonesia. So there is no point trying to stick to a plan until that trip is done. I doubt I'll get much opportunity to run in Indonesia as my trip to the US only saw me make it onto the treadmill 3 times. I will have less spare time in Indonesia.
A little cutie I spent some time with while in the US
The injury seems to be healed okay. There will remain niggly nerve compression issues due to the massive wad of scar tissue that is my medial gastrocnemius muscle. This means ongoing nerve stretch exercises as well as ensuring the right calf continues to build its strength through targeted calf exercises. I'm also going to do some sessions with Jim to try and improve my running biomechanics. The first session is November 10th.

Otherwise, the short term plan is to continue with a mixed training bag that will include sessions at the gym, a bit of cycling and a few jogs each week, with the aim to build up the long run each weekend. At present, even 10 km is challenging. With the time off running due to the injury, my cardiovascular fitness has markedly declined (despite the bike time) as evidenced by a much higher heart rate when jogging. I'd like to think that this is rock bottom and the only way now is up.

Recent training endeavours:
Monday - gym session - weights (legs, bench press, abs)
Tuesday - jog 6 km ~ 6min/K
Wednesday - forgot workout gear, missed gym. Home late, missed bike ride. Day off
Thursday - jog 7.5 km (a mixture of jog/walk) ~ 6min/K
Friday - gym session - weights (catch up session - shoulders, back, arms, abs)
Saturday - 10 km 4:1 jog ~ 6min/K; gym session (legs and bench press).


  1. Looks & sounds like a good plan to return to running long term. Now, just to stick to it. Love the little rhino, pity they grow so big.

    1. Thanks TF. It would be nice to be able to make some kind of running return! Rhinos are big softies and are much like their close relatives the horse. Very smoochy, even the big ones!

  2. At least a cutie that size isn't going to do any damage if she falls on you.

    Rock bottom is a solid foundation to press off - good luck when you get back into a regular routine. BTW, your running biomechanics are pretty good - wouldn't think there's much for Jim to fine tune.

    1. Thanks ET. That is if I have actually hit the bottom. I'm hoping that is the case 'coz it's pretty tough going at present. Running slowly triggers all sorts of niggles and I'm looking for some biomechanical guidance at the slower paces. I know that biomechanically it's ok when I run quicker than 5 min/k. Thing is, it's going to take some time to get back to sub 5 min k's, if ever.