Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In need of some hill work

As predicted the Black Mountain Peninsula XC run was a toughie. Just enough inclines to knock the wind out of my sails. Not be be unexpected as most jogging/running has been on relatively flat ground. The time was 40 seconds slower than when I last ran this course in 2010 (with the first indications of training fatigue/intolerance). However, we are talking about minimal jogging/running and no hard training since July this year. It felt like pure and simple lack of fitness/training, lots of cardiorespiratory effort.

The next XC course is a fast one, but I'll be away and won't be able to compete. We are then back at Stromlo, which in theory is an opportunity to look for improvement. However, weather conditions and time away travelling will probably confound those results. With the Spring Series winding up for Xmas with relays on Dec 11, I may have to turn my attention to the Ginninderra Park Run until the YCRC Summer Series starts.

Hills maketh the runner
 Once again it was good to see lots of familiar faces and smiles and the conditions were lovely.

Familiar face results:
Stuart Doyle - 17:38
Dave Osmond - 19:27
Elizabeth Humphries - 20:01
Richard Faulks - 20:59
Louise Sharp - 22:51
Geoff Moore - 23:02
Ewen Thompson - 23:15
David Baussmann - 23:29
Tori Hennig - 26:40 (started the run late)
Jim White - 52:27 (walking in his ankle brace)

Latest actvities:
Sunday - MTB ride 30km; gym session (legs and bench press)
Monday  - gym session (back, shoulders and abs) 
Tuesday - 1.2km jog warm up; 5K XC in 25:55 (4:46; 5:04; 5:21; 5:26; 5:18) HRav 160 bpm
Wednesday - gym session (arms, chest and abs)


  1. That looks like a serious hill!

    Wondered about Tori's time. Thought you started quick when I saw you at the first turn - I was 4:41 for the first k. Yes, good test of fitness/hill ability that course. Gindy is faster - not as fast as next week though - probably similar to Stromlo. Plan to do a few myself if there's nothing worth racing at Vets.

  2. I'm glad you make the comment on "hills maketh the runner". If I wrote that, I would be shot down in flames. But hills are the biggest asset any runner can do. Do the hills, lessen the distance. Enjoy your trip away, take care.