Saturday, November 17, 2012

4 days a week

This is the first week in a very long time that I have run 4 times. Nothing too strenuous. The extra run was an easy 5 km lunch time amble. At present all the runs feel hard and I look forward to the day when one feels easy. Warmer conditions and lack of fitness are the cause of the lack of ease while running. The 4:1 approach does seem to be helping in that it helps me get through the runs. At present all runs over 30 mins are 4:1. That will get boosted to 45 mins once the last work trip is out of the way. It is nice to be able to run at a comfortable pace biomechanically, which the 4:1 approach is helping with.

There was another XC run during the week where I scraped in just under 25 mins. It's a bit of a challenging course. Conditions on the day were good as the cool change came through at the time of the run. I've gone slower on the course when fitter, but that was on a particularly hot day. The next event is my least favourite course and 25 mins will probably be beyond me at this stage. The goal will be a steady tempo without overdoing it. Last time I ran on this course it became apparent that something wasn't right with the body - the start of the training fatigue. It will be an interesting comparison this time around.
The picturesque but challenging Black Mountain Peninsula
Latest Activities:
Monday - gym session - back, shoulders and abs
Tuesday - 1.5km jog warm up; XC run 5km splits 4:51; 5:03; 5:06; 5:07; 4:44 - 24:51(HRav 161bpm)
Wednesday - gym session - arms, chest and abs
Thursday - 7km 10min jog warm up then 4:1 run/walk
Friday - 5km jog
Saturday - 13 km long trail run - 4:1. Lots of wildlife on display including some growling male kangaroos. 


  1. That's good to hear. Reckon you can start making gains on 4 runs a week. The 4:1 is a good method too at this stage - more distance running with good mechanics while keeping the HR down - better than a slow plod.

    Hope Tuesday goes well - also that the kangaroos have done a good job of mowing the grass!

    1. Thanks ET. There are probably plenty of people that make gains on just 3 days per week. It likely gets down to what you do with each of your sessions. Yes the 4:1 is keeping my hips/pelvic muscles much happier. I predict only the one more session with Jim before he sets me free :-).

      Just as long as those kangaroos aren't the growling male kind.

  2. Wonderful to know you are able to get out. Nice to see you on Thursday night, it's been a long time. Pity I was busy on the track or we could have talked for an hour. Have a good trip,is it this week ?
    The male kangaroos might have been jealous of another female in their territory, stay safe.

  3. Keep up the gym work, you looked ab....solutely fabulous.

    1. Thanks for the compliment TF. You must be related to superman, as all my muscles were hidden by jeans and long sleeves, not sure any of that gym work was on display!

      Good to see you at the track. I hope you will grace us with your presence again soon :-).

    2. Just enough showing to know you have been to the gym. Good work on the abs.