Sunday, October 7, 2012

Steady as she goes ....

It's been a positive start back to jogging. Positive in that my calf muscle hasn't spat the dummy as yet. It still feels a little bit tender after I run, but no issues while running. Each run has been as flat and as unpaved as I can manage given the location of each run. The pace has been very gentle. The plan is to continue doddling until I get back from my next OS trip and then start to slowly build distance. Cross training on the bikes will also continue.  I have recently purchased a smaller crank set for the road bike, so that should keep me going a bit longer on the bike to justify the purchase. Could be good for introducing some hill reps if the training intolerance doesn't flare up again.
New 50/34 crankset for the road bike

Latest activity
Tuesday - WT 34 mins @ 118bpm.
Wednesday - gym session (squats, pec dec, assisted dips, tri push downs, biceps curls, abs). WT 51 mins @ 123 bpm.
Thursday - 5km lunchtime jog @ 141bpm
Friday - OFF
Saturday - gym session (deadlifts, squats, calf raises, leg extensions) 5km jog @ 129bpm
Sunday - time confused MTB ride. I got up 2 hours early for the ride??!! Oh well at least I wasn't late ;-). 35km in Mulligans Flat @ 120bpm. Followed by a lovely brunch with the 2.0 litre runners at Tusmo Cafe in Forde.


  1. That's good news... but don't tell me you're changing the name of your blog to 'The IRONic Doddler' ;)

    So the new crankset is to lower the gearing of your bike? So you can ride up Mt Ainslie sitting down?

    1. Thanks ET. Yes the new crankset should allow me to spin a bit more, although I'm not sure if it will help me much up Mt Ainslie. I might need MTB gears for that ;-).

      Olivia Paige or Alexis Paige? Or was that a deliberate type o ;).

  2. Yes, I clicked on Olivia Paige - not my type though.