Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chucking a wobbly ......

There's been a reasonable amount of complaining coming from the locomotor muscles. An indication of the ever present training intolerance that just doesn't seem to want to go away. The windy bike ride seems to have set it all off again as runs and rides since then have felt like hard going. However, on the plus side, the calf muscle is coming along nicely, even if there has been some serious hypertrophy of the lateral head of the gastrocnemius. Yes, there is nothing symmetrical about those calf muscles now! Good proof that big isn't always better, as despite the hypertrophy, the right is still a lot weaker than the left. However, the right is substantially stronger now than it was a few weeks ago. It's just a matter of continuing with the strength exercises. A bit challenging over the next 10 days as I set off an another OS sojourn. This time to the US of A to the place of bluegrass and hopefully some gorgeous Autumn foliage. It will likely be a week of occasional jogs on the treadmill or working with whatever exercise equipment is available in the hotel gyms. 

Hopefully an indication of the scenery awaiting me in Bluegrass country
Latest activity:
Monday - 5km jog (1.5/3); gym session (bench press, upright row, shoulder press, bent over row, seated row, assisted pull up; abs)
Tuesday - OFF
Wednesday - 5km jog (1.5/3)
Thursday - gym session (squats, biceps curls, assisted dips, tri pushdowns, pec dec); WT ride 42mins
Friday - OFF - Frocktober frolics
Saturday - 6km jog (1.5/3); gym session (deadlifts, squats, stranding calf raises, leg extension, bench press)
Sunday - 39km roadbike ride
Monday - gym session (machine shoulder press, bar bell front raises, lateral pulldowns, seated row, abs)
Tuesday -  6.3km jog (1.5/3).

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  1. So the goal is to attain equal strength in left and right while continuing with modest activity?

    Yes, colours will be spectacular. I want to go back and see Vermont in "fall" - wasn't quite the same in summer. If you have any time for side trips I can highly recommend the treadmills in the gym at the Bellagio.