Monday, October 1, 2012

Blowing in the wind

When the wind is at your back on a bike ride, it's awesome. When the wind is buffeting you from the side and you have those cross head winds, it's just hard unrelenting work. The challenge with cycling is staying comfortable in that unusual riding position. When it's windy, the comfort factor fades rapidly and the arms, shoulders, back etc. all complain and get tired. It's more about upper body fatigue wearing you down on windy rides rather than tired legs. Sunday the sun was shining but the wind was blowing, pretty common for Spring in Canberra. The goal was to do a ride around the 40km range and I ended up doing 44 km. The upper body was complaining bitterly around the 32 km mark and the last 12 km were a hard slog. As far as cycling goes, my home location isn't ideal as it means I often end up with a headwind on the homewards stretch and Sunday was no exception!

I was wishing for my own echelon for shelter from the wind

Canberra turned on a stunning Spring day for Labor Day Monday, only light winds :-). Alas, the body was stiff and sore from the windy bike ride. With that in mind, I thought I'd take advantage of a glorious morning and head out to Stromlo. Even though they have punched holes in the XC track surface, it's much better than my local oval, no gumby-like running as I jogged the 1km circuit 5 times. My glutes and hammies were very tight and sore from Sunday's bike ride; however, no complaints from the calf muscles :-). Alas, I did not feel strong from the ride the day before, unlike CJ.

Latest activity:
Sunday - 44 km on the roadbike, HRav 130bpm
Monday - 5 km @ 5:50min/K pace, HRav 140bpm, rate 1.5/3. Gym session (DB shoulder press, upright rows, bent over rows, seated rows, assisted pull ups, abs)

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  1. Good to hear Stromlo hasn't deteriorated that much. Great news that your calves were happy! Yes, riding in head or cross-winds is no fun at all. When I was a lad we used to jump in behind semi-trailers on the open road, thus getting a break from headwinds. Don't do this at home!