Tuesday, September 4, 2012

When time stands still

This blog will not be about running/jogging for the next few weeks. I've been riding a bike(s) to wile away the hours. Doable when riding on the road or out on a trail. However, time really does stand still when you use a windtrainer. It's been a rude shock to the body switching to cycling. The position feels all wrong and there are muscles that have had to be awoken from the dead! Oh yeah and then there's the tush. Two words - bike seat! Before I moved back to Australia at the end of 2006 I was very much a cycling addict. This means I have all the gear (and no idea - ha ha). Yes, I have 3 and a half bikes in my garage (one doesn't have a set of wheels). Over the last few days I have dusted off the cobwebs, pumped up the tyres and oiled some chains. Three of those bikes have been brought back to life. The road bike did some kms on Saturday, the MTB did some kms on Sunday and on Monday the old road bike was set up on the wind trainer with a book holder.

The bikes!
I'm struggling to understand why I was just so crazy about cycling previously. It was to do with the quiet country roads, great scenery and that joy of just heading out on the bike for a couple of hours. Australian roads just don't have the same appeal, especially if around any of the main centres. Even around Canberra it is limited. Whereas where I lived in New Zealand, Washington and Ontario there were lots of quiet loops to choose from.  Hence, back in Australia I made the switch to running. I'm not a strong runner, but I am an even weaker cyclist. My muscles do prefer to run it seems!

Still the timing for this sojourn back into cycling is actually pretty good. I can't train hard until/if I recover from my training intolerance. This means I can limit my rides to being short by cycling standards and to being at an easy intensity. Not that I have much choice there at present. It's a tough switch for the muscles.

Daylight hours are still limited at this time of the year, so I'm limited to outside rides on the weekends. Arghhhh that means the windtrainer during the week. Man oh man, I hate the windtrainer. Even at an easy intensity with a book to distract me, the time just drags. And to think I had managed to do 2 hours on a windtrainer during my cycling mad days. 30 minutes was all I could manage for my first effort and the time watching was excruciating! I should look at the big plus - no magpies when on a windtrainer! Yes I was bombed by two on Saturday and also had one make a half hearted attack on Sunday. Outside the breeding season they are such sweet birds!!

Activity update:
Saturday - road bike 26km, HRav 122 bpm; weights session @ gym
Sunday - MTB ride 19.4km, HRav 108 bpm.
Monday - weights session @ gym; 30 min windtrainer ride, HRav 114 bpm
Tuesday - tush needed a break!


  1. What a bummer to have to go completely to bike riding. No maggie attacks down here, just talk nicely to them, they remember who their friends are.

  2. Thanks TF. Bummer indeed! It will only be for a few weeks. I do talk nicely to them if I see them before the bombing starts. Alas, their little minds are elsewhere at this time of the year ;-).

  3. I'm calling bullshit on that 2Fs. They'll always swoop - it's just the intensity that varies (a bit like running in that regard).

    I wonder what it is about treamills that makes them less evil than WTs? I mean, treadmills are still boring, but nowhere near as bad as WTs.