Saturday, September 29, 2012

Running in circles .....

After a week of riding the windtrainer while the weather outside has been beautiful and Spring-like, finally with the opportunity to get outside, the weekend has returned to wintery conditions. The strong winds meant either a MTB ride, the WT or a jog. It seemed like a good time to test out Jim's advice and see how the calf would hold up. I took the sensible approach and headed down to the local oval for a series of laps. A soft surface was preferable for a recuperating calf and soft it was. Actually pretty soggy after lots of rain in the last 24 hours. The surface on the oval is pretty uneven and I felt like a gumby as I jogged around the outside. The jog was easy and barely raised a sweat and the good news is my calf did not hurt at all. Indeed I felt like I could have easily managed 10km, but I didn't want to push my luck :-). I will take a conservative approach to returning to running and will continue with some cycling. However, it will be nice to be able to do some outdoor jogs to break up the boredom of WT rides. Cycling helps my running, but I don't think running helps my cycling (except maybe hill running).

Running in circles .....

Latest activity:
Tuesday - gym session (machine shoulder press, barbell front raises, bent over rows, seated rows, assisted pull ups and abs). 40 min WT session, HRav 125bpm.
Wednesday - 40 min WT session, HRav 125bpm
Thursday - gym session (squats, peck dec, triceps dips, triceps push downs, biceps curls, abs). 47 min WT session , HRav 122bpm)
Friday - Off, couldn't face the WT today.
Saturday - gym session (deadlifts, squats, weighted calf raises, bench press). 5K jog around the local oval. HRav 130bpm.


  1. You mean running in squares! Good run and good news that your newly strengthened calves were obliging. It's a shame Stromlo is so hilly - the surface is flat and you'd look less like a gumby. Although the 1k loop is fairly gentle - 10 laps for 10k?

    1. Thanks ET. Alas it seems that Stromlo now also supports running like a gumby:
      Maybe it's a new trend ;-), go the gumbies .......
      Maybe I could head over there one lunch time from work on the moto and do 5km to avoid an evening WT ride? hmmmm we will see.

    2. I bet they don't look like gumbies ;) At least the powers that be are trying to look after the surface at Stromlo - it was patchy when I ran there a couple of weeks ago but still better than the grass track at Calwell.