Monday, September 24, 2012

My calf the actor

Interestingly, the physical findings for my calf all point to substantial improvement i.e. the pain and weakness do not indicate an exacerbation of the tear. Structurally it seems to be heading in the right direction. Could it be my calf muscle has been taking acting classes? Is it seeking more TLC? Joking aside, this is good news and another attempt at jogging will be attempted (and is recommended) next weekend. In the meantime maybe a bit more work on building up the calves?

This kind of symmetry I'll never achieve
For the time being, standing calf raises remain the focus, trying to build strength in my right leg, which remains extremely weak. Calf stretches and nerve stretches also need to be continued. Eventually we will try and introduce some plyometrics (gradually) to help with function.

Spring has finally sprung in Canberra and it was a great weekend for cycling! So much so that I'm starting to enjoy cycling again. Being consistent means the muscles are adapting and the bike riding position doesn't feel so alien or uncomfortable. I will try and build some more distance into the rides on weekends. Only a few more weeks and we start daylight savings. That means some afternoon bike rides will also be possible, a pleasant respite from the windtrainer. We will see how long the enthusiasm for cycling sticks around :-).

Latest activity:
Saturday - 36km roadbike ride.
Sunday - 34km roadbike ride, with a social coffee stop in the middle :-); gym session - deadlifts, squats, bench press and abs.
Monday - day off and Clinic 88 visit.


  1. Nice calves, but can she run? Maybe not in those heels! Good news about the improvement - hope the jogging goes well.

    On the weak right leg... a good test (when you're up to it), is distance achieved hopping - do 5 hops with the right leg & measure how far. Repeat with the left leg. Best to do this on flat grass.

    1. Thanks ET. She's probably awesome at gymnastics like most of those fitness competitors are!
      The test you describe sounds like a good plyometrics session. But yeah, probably not something I should be attempting in the short term. I can finally get to 15/set for calf raises on the right - heading in the right direction :)