Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I have a thing for deadlifts

I did say that this blog wouldn't contain much about running while I am injured and relegated to riding the wind trainer or riding the bikes out doors on the weekend. I have continued to regularly attend the gym and have started to really enjoy the deadlifts! Not common behaviour for a distance runner. I am far from achieving the weights used in this video, but Terri has now inspired me! Bring it on :-).

Deadlifts do work plenty of muscles involved in running (and cycling!), so they are well worth including in a runner's weights training programme if you are so inclined. There is something deeply satisfying about a performing a set of deadlifts.

Runner's muscles!

Latest activity:
Thursday - 33 mins on WT @ 122bpm
Friday - 31 mins on WT @ 126bpm
Saturday - MTB ride 21.7 km @ 115bpm; weights session at gym
Sunday - Road bike ride 31 km @ 121bpm
Total for week - 4 hrs 45 min + gym time.

Monday - weights at gym; 30 mins on WT @ 118bpm
Tuesday - 36 mins on WT @ 120bpm
Wednesday  - 32 mins on WT @ 125bpm


  1. I can't see the point in trying to lift 100 kgs of weights unless going into body building. Plus it looks too difficult, just lifting the bar up will do.

    1. She doesn't look like a body builder at all, just one strong little cookie :-). But yeah, if it's not your thing, don't do it.

  2. Wow. Does she need a spotter?!

    Be careful. You don't want to bust a foo-foo valve (as Gramps is fond of saying).

    1. I don't think a spotter is much use with deadlifts. Foo-foo valve isn't the only thing at risk if one isn't careful!