Saturday, September 8, 2012

Experience matters

I had my second visit to Clinic 88 post calf tear. This time I saw Jim Barker. Jim is a talented runner in his own right and has lots of experience dealing with runners' injuries, with a special interest in calf and foot injuries. He was quick to set me straight on what we are dealing with. It is a reasonable length transverse tear at the scar/muscle junction. Something that will take a little time to heal. With any injury, there is always a weak point where the scar tissue joins with the normal tissue. The other issue is that scar tissue has minimal elasticity, so there is increased strain placed on those tissues around it. The supporting tissues need to be strengthened if I am to minimise the risk of repeated re-tearing. My exercise regimen for the next week will include:
Concentric and eccentric calf raises/drops - 3 x 15 once daily (concentric raises quite challenging at present!)
Lots of calf stretches (bent and straight leg) holding 15-30 sec, 10 sets per day
Nerve mobility stretches for both the sural nerve and the tibial nerve - 3 x 10 daily for each nerve.
Continue with the bridges and other drills once daily.
No running for at least another 14 days.

I have surprised myself this week by sticking to the wind trainer. I am adapting to the position and have noticed my muscles are starting to get the hang of it. Yes, it is still incredibly boring, but by being less uncomfortable I am able to tolerate it a little better.

NOT my wind trainer
On Wednesday I went and the saw the movie Town of Runners that was put on by the local Park Run group of Canberra. It was a great little movie and was introduced by our local running legend, Robert  de Castella. Deek has been the driving force behind the Indigenous Marathon Project. This is a cause well worth getting involved in in some way.

Activity update:
Wednesday - 31 minutes on the wind trainer (HRav 122bpm) and a weights session @ the gym
Thursday - 33 minutes on the wind trainer (HRav 121bpm)
Friday - 30 minutes on the wind trainer (HRav 127bpm)
Saturday - Windy 22.8km MTB ride (HRav 115 bpm) [I'm really missing jogging :-/]; weights session the gym


  1. I wanted to see that doco - wrong side of town for my early work start unfortunately. Hopefully SBS will put it on one day.

    So concentric is raising & eccentric is lowering? You'll have some awesome calves by the time you're back jogging.

    1. Thanks ET. There have been limited viewings of the movie around Australia. Not sure why. It may eventually become available here on DVD.

      Right calf is struggling at present. I won't work the left calf until the right calf is at least of equivalent strength. I suspect that will take longer than I take to get back jogging!