Friday, September 21, 2012

15 minutes

All of my various exercise activities have been disrupted by work sending me to Ireland to review some horse PEQ facilities. Before I left I was investigating what exercise facilities were available at the places I was staying in the hope I'd squeeze in a few exercise sessions. Hotel no. 1 (Killashee House) has a massive leisure centre. Alas, I was so knackered from the flights, I didn't have any energy when we arrived and with a 5:40 am start the next morning, there would be no morning training session. Next stop was Baileys Hotel Cashel that also has a great leisure centre, although it is rarely used. It wasn't until the following morning that I had enough energy to wander down and hop on an exercise bike. I had the whole place to myself and it was good to get things moving again after all the travel! I was also able to get in a quick session on my final day. What was particularly exciting was that after about 20 mins on the bike I decided to hop onto a treadmill and see just how the calf muscle was feeling. Usually, like windtrainers I hate treadmills; however, this was bliss. I did a gentle 15 min jogging session with a couple of walk breaks. The calf felt okay, but it's still far from 100%. Jim did suggest I could start some very light jogging. I figured a treadmill was a good safe place to start.

Oh the bliss, a jog on the treadmill

Now that I am back from my trip to Ireland, I will start a slow rehabilitation process. The muscles are still quite weak, so the calf raises will continue. Next visit with Jim is next Monday. In the meantime, just a couple of short jogs if the leg is up to it (there is some muscle soreness [DOMS?], but not at the site of the tear).  No monthly handicap this month. It's bike rides, short gentle jogs and weights sessions for the time being.

Not much to report on the latest weekly activity update due to the trip to Ireland. Just lots of time sitting on a plane or in airports. At least with business class there is the option to get horizontal.

Recent blood tests show my ferritin levels aren't especially high (50 ug/L) despite the aggressive iron supplementation I went through recently (although I haven't been taking much iron of late given I haven't been running any distance). I wonder where all that iron is going? This means more iron supplementation will be required when I'm back running.

Addendum: After a short jog today the calf is sore and very weak. It seems more time off will be needed :-(. 


  1. Looks like a longer time to fix than hoped for. Take it easy, always have the bike to ride, then it's not the same. Could you go bush walking, enjoy the scenery ?

  2. Yes TF, I actually think the calf is pretty f&^$ed to be honest. I suspect it's going to be a Spring of cycling. I may have to change this blog's title to the ironic pedaller or something along those lines ;-).

  3. Bugger about it still being sore & weak! Not DOMS related? See what the physio says but I wouldn't give up on a spring of jogging just yet. What shoes were you wearing? Maybe try something more cushioned? I like the look of these:

    The low iron is a bit odd, but maybe your system just doesn't retain iron that well. Worth keeping an eye on, even if you're 'just' cycling.

    1. Thanks ET. Physio said it really shouldn't be an issue with shoes. If I ease back into it, theoretically I could run barefoot. The pain is too localised to just be DOMS and the other calf is a lot less sore and is much stronger. I'll keep jogging when given the all clear, but with 2 years of crappola running, I'm going to try some cycling for a while. I like doing long distance stuff and will use cycling as a way of making up some of that (even though the wind and the drivers will likely send me balmy, oh yeah and then there's the wind trainer ugghhh ....... :-) ).

      Yes, it does seem I'm not good at retaining iron, or else it's being lost somewhere. It seems some regular supplementation is in order regardless of the chosen mode of exercise.