Saturday, August 25, 2012

Take 2

It seems when you delete a blog, you actually don't delete it. It just goes offline. Since 'running' in City2Surf, there's been another decline in training tolerance. I have finally accepted that I have a set of muscles that cannot cope with exercise training. They've had enough. And so, I will return to the days when I used to jog to keep healthy and to keep the weight under control. That seems to be all that can be tolerated. That will be the approach for the next few months - put on the heart rate monitor and jog. The exceptions will be the Canberra Times Fun Run 10K (if work hasn't sent me to Ireland) and the monthly ACTVAC handicaps. Those will be run with HR beeper turned off - as I'd go barmy trying to keep the HR in zone for those courses! 

The cause of the training intolerance is a bit of a mystery. There is not a history of prolonged years of hard training (I've only run 3 marathons). There was a period of overtraining, personal stress and illness plus iron anaemia that may have set this all off. Is it possible that I will recover if given long enough? If one follows the guidelines suggested for people with severe overtraining, then that is to jog slowly for short periods, building up gradually over 3-6 months. No speed work, no excess mileage. Jog for pleasure, forget about racing, doing the miles or pushing hard, just jog. I think dealing with an injury would be easier. A set amount of time off, then back onto a training programme. Oh well, short jogs it will be. MTB rides may be a nice change, although magpies will likely deter me.

Beware the magpie swooping season is upon us

Weekly activity
Jogs on Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat.
Weights sessions (Strong is the new skinny ;-) SINS) on Mon, Wed and Saturday (there will be bad DOMS after Sat's session!)


  1. This plan sounds much better. The mixing up the bike & slow jogs should be kind to the recovery physically as well as mentally. Don't call the bike riding cross training or the temptation to push may be counter productive. Some nice days soon will be good for mtn bike ride. Don't crash. Enjoy spring.

  2. Thanks TF. I don't think there is much choice at this stage. Slow, short and steady is all that is left. Yes the bike rides are intended to break up the mix. I experience the same problems on the bike if I push too hard, mostly the same muscles. My many years of cycling could be a contributing factor. I was a mad cyclist before I took up running more seriously.

  3. Your blog has risen from the dead! That's good - I like reading it. Even if it's about MTB riding and jogging ;-)

    1. Thanks ET. Yes it seems it is hard to kill a blog, it just goes into hiding. It's also kind of addictive this blogging business. The added challenge will be coming up with interesting stuff about 'jogging' ;-).

    2. Jogging's always interesting! I've been reading Joghard's blog for quite a few years - - I'll nickname yours Jogsoft ;-)