Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jogging versus running

Google this and you get lots of 'hits'. What is the difference between jogging and running? There are two main theories. The first bases it on pace. In old units they say slower than 10 min/mile = jogging. The second theory is more about your approach/attitude to jogging/running. You're a jogger if you do it just to keep fit, don't look at numbers (pace, HR, etc) and use your jogging to stay healthy. Given the number of masters 'runners' these days, we are doing them a disservice if we call them 'joggers'. Many masters can no longer keep a good pace. However, they are passionate about their running and are an inspiration! Hence, I think the second theory makes much more sense. So in reality, I can't really call myself a jogger. I still time my runs, use a HR monitor, worry about pace (although I shouldn't!) and analyse the numbers. I can't help myself, I just love data and all that they have to offer!
'Jogging' the August ACTVAC handicap :-)
Sunday was the monthly ACTVAC handicap. I went along to catch up with friends and to enjoy a 'jog' in what turned out to be lovely winter conditions. The plan was to run at a comfortable pace. I managed to do just that. I finished 32nd out of 77 and managed to not get caught by Mr Two Fruits Apples. Quicker than the last 2 years (2010 - injured and should NOT have run, 2011- fatigue was very bad), but a few minutes off my 2009 time. Time didn't matter, other than knowing it was better than 2011, which physiologically is a good thing :-).

Today I went for a lunchtime run and decided to use my inov8 shoes as I'm not covering much distance and it's an opportunity to train my feet and legs to get used to jogging/running in minimalist shoes. It was all good until the last overpass when I felt a tweak in my right calf (the one that is one big wad of scar tissue) and had to walk the last 300m. It is still sore tonight, so I may well have a small tear. Oh well, a good thing I'm not in 'training' for anything ;-). If it is torn, I'll have to be brave and go out on one of the bikes and face my magpie fears! No rush, tomorrow is a weights session at the gym +/- a short jog after work. I can always skip the jog if the calf turns out to be still sore.

Activity update:
Sunday - ACTVAC handicap 7K - tempo-ish pace (HRav 154bpm)
Monday - weights session at the gym @ lunchtime. Also a few plyometric box jump sets using my new toy (adjustable plyo box) after work.
Tuesday - 7K jog (HRav 130bpm).


  1. You were safe this time, but don't look back next time. You are good target, a challenge but not impossible to catch, IF, I'm good on the day. Take care of those small injuries, try cold/ice. It was a nice day to be out.

    1. I'd like to think that if I was healthy and fatigue-free I'd be impossible to catch ;-). Ah well, I will play my role as the rabbit the best I can.

  2. Replies
    1. shuffle [ˈʃʌfəl]. vb. 1. to walk or move (the feet) with a slow dragging motion. ;-)

    2. In other words, the technique used by 50k ultra runners.

  3. I'd define jogging v running in terms of effort. And looks! You look nothing like a jogger in that photo!

    An 82-year-old racing a half marathon at 6:30/k (10:28 per mile) is running as they are putting in a high effort. An 20-year-old Kenyan doing an easy warm-up at 4:00/k is jogging.