Monday, August 6, 2012

Hangin' with the mountain runners

Another light week for me running by heart rate. It took me most of the week to feel like I was getting back to normal. Interestingly, the run on Friday felt pretty bad, but the HR stayed low, so I was able to pick up the pace slightly. The next day was one of those great 3/3 runs. Sunday I headed out to Corin Forest to celebrate Lou's 30th birthday (she's a veteran now!). I did part of a run with some accomplished mountain runners that was lead by the ultimate endurance man - Martin Fryer. Lou and Vanessa will both be representing Australia at the World Mountain Running championships. Fortunately for me they were doing a slow run and were happy to wait as I lagged far, far behind. I was kept company by Gramps who wowed us all with his MTB skills!  Martin took us up to Square Rock where we were greeted with gale force winds! I did an out and back run, whereas the rest of the group went a bit further. We then enjoyed a great picnic, although it was a tad cold!

My out and back run to Square Rock
Latest Training:
Monday - OFF
Tuesday - 11.2K loop around central basin of LBG + Telopea school @ 6:12min/K, HRav 133bpm. Rate 2/3
Wednesday - Gym session, 5K @ 6:18min/K, HRav 128bpm. Rate 1.5/3 (calves not happy!)
Thursday - 9.2K central basin LBG + Lennox Gardens @ 6:11 min/K, HRav 132 bpm. Rate 2/3
Friday - 7.5K central basin @5:50min/K, HRav 128 bpm. Rate 1.5/3
Saturday - 8.2K Yerrabi pond loop @ 6:04min/K, HRav 130bpm. Rate 3/3 :-)
Sunday - 10.2K run to Square Rock and back, HR monitor went spastic for first couple of kms. 7:31min/K, HRav 140bpm?. Rate 1.5/3.
Total for week 51K
Monday - Gym session, no run.


  1. So will we see Lou running track Thursday nights? We need more young'uns out there!

    Looks like your fatigue was happier that week. The spastic HR is a contact issue - usually from not enough sweat/cold skin etc. I'd get that, but electrode gel has cured the problem.

    1. Thanks ET. I've been working on Lou. It would be easier if the club wasn't known as a 'Veterans' club.
      Yup, know all about HR monitors and their iSSues. Especially finicky when used on horses.

    2. Funny that. I think of Veterans as people who served in WW11 or Vietnam. 'Masters' sounds younger and cooler. We're masters of our domain (running).

  2. I met a Veteran today. Served in Vietnam. Funny, he's a running coach too. Owns a large dog. Must be confusing for the poor old chap.