Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fun run #4 Sutherland2Surf

Heids and I ventured into the 'Shire' to participate in the Sutherland2Surf. For me it was all about having some 'fun' in a 'fun run'. Particularly given my ongoing muscle training intolerance issues. The easy week of low HR running allowed me to recover reasonably well (except for a horrid run on Saturday) and I felt okay doing this run despite the rain. Yep we got soaked to the skin! The course was much more undulating than the website course profile lead you to believe. The first 5K made for great 5K times if you weren't caught up in the crowd.

Heids ran really well (42ish for the 10K) but developed a leg problem and slowed right down for the last 1K. Me, I just wanted those last little rises in the course to go away! :-) My K splits were: 5:17 (people traffic!), 4:37, 4:29, 4:23, 4:47, 4:38, 4:43, 4:51, 4:55, 4:48, 5:07. This is good lead in event for City2Surf. I hope I am well recovered by August 12th!

Course profile, my HR data and pace

Latest Training:
Tuesday - Gym session, evening 5K jog @ 6:24min/K HRav 130bpm Rate 2.5/3
Wednesday - 11.2K @ 6:09min/K HRav 132bpm Rate 2.5/3
Thursday - gym session
Friday - DOMS from lunges, 9.3K @ 6min/K HRav 132bpm. Rate 3/3 - a glorious day for a run :-)
Saturday - 7K HRav 132bpm, Rate 1/3.
Sunday - 4K uphill jog warm up to the start (we were further from the start than we thought!). 11.2K 53:20 HRav 155bpm, 4:47min/K average pace. Rate 2/3
Total for week: 60K


  1. Nice race - I mean 'fun run'! Looks like you lost about 30 secs in the crush at the start (won't have that problem at C2S as theoretically the slowest runners in the A group are 5 minute k runners). Also looks like you're on target for 68ish at C2S and Heids about 60 (if she's running).

    Might be worth having a 'recovery week' this week, then a normal (whatever that is) training week then a taper week for the big one.

  2. Thanks ET. Yes it was indeed a very slow start, heavy traffic for the first 2K. However, a slow start often works in one's favour later in the event. A recovery week is definitely on the cards. The legs are tired and sore, they worked harder than they have for quite some time! The handicap is next weekend, so that will be my 'hard' session for the week. Otherwise it's back to letting the beeping watch dictate pace ;-).
    Yes Heids is on target for a great time in C2S. She will get her latest niggle checked out before resuming any hard training sessions. Hopefully it isn't too major.

  3. Great running Janene, your splits are impressive given the slow start and I know the last km is mostly up hill. Well done:-)